The things I hate about airport security

I’ve been travelling a lot overland recently, and although like any means of transport there are elements which I don’t like, it has been nice to avoid all the things I hate about airport security!

Limit on liquids

I think for most people, the limit on liquids is particularly frustrating. Having to have my lip gloss confiscated just seems ridiculous, but it’s all part and parcel of travelling on a plane these days. Of course, knowing the limits on liquid before you go helps greatly, because you can plan ahead, and pack everything like that out with your hand luggage. That being said however, it does just seem like you are spending needless extra time having to plan around silly rules. I was reading a recent post by Darren Cronian from on a similar topic, and he is quite right when he says trains are just as open to terrorist attacks as planes, yet we don’t have any of these types of regulations on them, and as yet there have been no major problems that I have heard of. I think some airport security procedures are necessary, but as far as limits on liquids I really can not see the point.

Limits on Luggage

I recently did a long journey by Eurolines bus to Amsterdam, and although admittedly not as comfortable or quick as a plane journey, the allowance for much more luggage was refreshing. You can take two large suitcases/backpacks on per person in the load (although I only took one), plus I took a backpack, plus handbag on board with me. The backpack was easily around double the size that airlines like Ryanair allow on their flights, and there was nobody out with measuring tapes/making you squeeze a small case into a cube, or staff arguing over a few centimetres with customers. It meant I could take a full packed lunch, my laptop, a change of clothes, basic make-up, hairbrush, plus all my essential like phone, purse etc, and still had room left over to fit anything else. Plus, it just made travelling a lot more stress free, not having to haggle with airport staff, pay excess fees, or not bring things on board with me that I wanted.


Inevitably, with all the security checks and procedures put in place at the airport, whether necessary or not, it does mean that you will have to get accustomed to waiting in long queues. Whether it’s waiting to check in with your luggage, having your luggage searched, weighed, measured, going through metal detectors, or anything else, airports always make me think of one thing – queues. When it comes to how long you spend pre and post departure in the airport, it far outweighs the amount of time spent pre or post departure on any other forms of public transport.

Travel by plane is not all bad. For a start, it is still the quickest form of travel when it comes to travel over long distances. I have many reasons personally for not flying so much these days, my ever growing fear of flying being a major one, and also my concerns for the environment. One thing my last trip reminded me of however, was the stress free nature that other forms of travel have, and how glad I am that I no longer have to experience airport security so much anymore…

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  1. Aly says:

    I hate all of them! But my pet peeve has to be the one where they make you take your shoes off… I don’t know why but after having my face-wash thrown away, after being in line for ever, after re-packing the bag for the fourth time at check-in I’m just not as easy going as normal!!


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