Things to do in Australia this Winter

Sydney Opera House

Today’s guest post was written by Simon Bowers.

This (European) winter, because of its position in the Southern Hemisphere, the people of Australia will be basking in the sun whilst back here in the UK, we will be struggling to cope with the freezing conditions. Because of this, some people choose to go on holiday Down Under at this time of year in order to capture the nice weather for as long as possible. Be it a drive across the outback, a lazy winter cruise around the coast and off into the ocean like this one or you’re a sports fanatic, there is plenty for holidaymakers to do. If one of these people is you, then here are some of the interesting things you can get up to.

Enjoy the Sun

The Australian summer can be extremely hot in certain parts of the country so whilst you can enjoy being on the beach or eating in outdoor cafés, you must also stay vigilant in terms of wearing enough sun cream and spending time in shelter. Summer 2013 is gearing up to be one of the hottest on record in fact. The main Australian cities are located around the border of the country, meaning that beaches are packed on a regular basis with locals and tourists alike. Bondi Beach in Sydney and St. Kilda in Melbourne are two notable examples where people flock in their droves.

Festive Period

Here in the northern hemisphere we obviously associate the festive period with dark nights and snowy conditions, wrapping up warm next to log fires and the traditional Christmas meal. However, the nature of Australia’s climate at this time of year means that the outlook is completely different. Although it can be a bit of a culture shock for some having a barbeque on the beach on Christmas Day, the glorious conditions can give you a festive season you’ll never forget. In addition, spending New Year’s Eve in Australia will not leave you disappointed. If you can, witness the spectacular firework display in Sydney overseeing the famous Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

The Ashes

The 2013-14 Ashes test will be played this winter over five Australian cities; Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. For England cricket fans who wish to make the journey, hopefully to witness another victory, then you must prepare your trip well beforehand. The whole package including flights, accommodation and match tickets won’t be cheap and you must also prepare for the higher cost of daily living in Australia which is higher than the UK.

Australia Open

The first major tennis tournament of the year takes place in Melbourne during the last two weeks of January. It is one of the four major’s taking place throughout the year and thus attracts the world’s best players.

Great Barrier Reef

Visiting the world’s largest coral reef system is considered a must-see activity for many tourists. Located off the coast of Queensland, many visitors will come to the Great Barrier Reef from the nearby Whitsunday Islands and Cairns. However, because of the climate in this area, there is a high chance of monsoon-type rainfall occurring throughout this period.

Choosing to visit Australia during the winter makes sense for people who wish to take advantage of the sunny conditions on the other side of the world. Enjoying the festive period and New Year’s Eve in the warm conditions will be like nothing you’ve experienced before, and great sporting events such as the Ashes and Australian Open are also taking place.

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