Tips for Camping Holidays in France

Today’s post was written by Tom Watson on behalf of Thomson Al Fresco.

When asked to think of a camping holiday many people can recall a cold and wet experience somewhere within the British Isles. While the plucky Brits can often make the most of a bad situation and enjoy a trip regardless of what the weather is doing, I will be the first to admit that I rarely enjoy a trip in a tent that turns into a stay indoors affair. For those of you that enjoy the experience of camping holidays but don’t feel like risking it with the British summer weather conditions, have you thought of camping abroad? Camping holidays in France are becoming increasingly popular for those who want to experience of camping with all but guaranteed sunny weather.

Exploring Camping Holidays in France

There are literally thousands of campsites that are accessible to British tourists in France. Weather you have a tent of your own (or you want to rent one) or you are touring in a motor home or caravan it is easy and simple to pick a location through a booking agent. Thomson Al Fresco specialises in camping holidays abroad and offer thorough and complete advice on every region that you may want to visit. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a location so I’ll give you a quick rundown on the most popular locations.

Brittany for Beaches

Brittany is one of the UK’s favourite locations for camping holidays in France. Brittany has a wealth of expansive sandy beaches that feature plenty of hidden coves and rock pools that the kids can play in and explore for endless sunny days filled with fun.

The Alps for Adventure

If stunning scenery is more up your street and you have an active side camping around the Alps offers a different type of camping holiday. Adventurous climbing activities and fantastic mountain lakes are scattered with charming French villages and towns like Chamonix.

Paris for Sightseeing

Alternatively if you enjoy the city life Paris has plenty of well equipped camping locations in the beautiful countryside outside of the city. We recommend hiring a car if you want to make the most of this expansive city which is full of famous landmarks and attractions. If the kids enjoy Walt Disney there is Disneyland Paris to enjoy, one of Europe’s leading theme parks.

Camping Details

Almost all camping locations in France will provide an electrical hook up for your gadgets, 6 amps or 10 amps is commonly used. Facilities like showers, on-site restaurants and swimming pools are also easy to find when booking at one of the higher star rated camping sites. Although these sites may be slightly more expensive it can often work out cheaper than dining out or travelling to the beach every day.

If you are looking for something a little more adventurous there are plenty of farmers who will allow you to pitch up on their land, be warned though that wild camping is forbidden in communal land and within forestry unless stated at the location.

While most family campers will be looking to get away during the summer months it is worth noting that France often enjoys warm weather from early spring until late October so don’t be afraid to book out of season when prices can often be as much as 60% cheaper.

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