Tips for getting discounted accommodation anywhere in the world!

Accommodation is your biggest expense after transport when you’re travelling anywhere in the world. It’s therefore important when you’re on a budget to get the cheapest price possible for what you want. The more money you save on accommodation, the more money you will have to either a) prolong your travels, or b) use as spending money for when you get there. So what are the easiest ways to find discounted hotels or accommodation?

  • Online coupons – Hotels, booking websites, and other online tools for finding accommodation are continually offering limited time offer discounts on accommodation to help fill rooms that may not have been filled already. Usually you’ll find that hotel booking sites offer it a lot during the off-season when they’re not full, but there are many websites these days who’s sole aim is to provide you with discount coupons all year round. For instance, regularly offers a coupon code. A lot of people will have been planning to use to book a hotel for their travels anyway. It’s a major hotel booking website around the world. So why not get a percentage off the total price and use your coupon if you would have used this site anyway?
  • Contact the hotel manager – This route can be a bit hit or miss as opposed to just using a coupon code and getting a guaranteed percentage off your total, but if you’re travelling during the off-peak season when hotel rooms or hostel beds are less likely to be filled… Then why not contact the hotel manager direct via email or phone and ask if he/she can offer you a deal? Hotel and hostel managers have the authority to give customers money off their accommodation. Not all managers will do it, and you’ll have to give them a persuasive reason why, but I have done it in the past and it’s worked. The important thing to remember is that you have to ask them before you’ve paid or booked anything. If you’ve already booked your accommodation online or at the travel agent then they are not going to alter an existing deal. However, if you approach them direct beforehand, asking them if they can do you a deal direct, they are sometimes willing to offer it (especially during the off-season when it’s unlikely that bed or room would be filled anyway). There’s is no guarantee with this route, but it may be worth a try?
  • Team up with other travellers to split the cost – When you’re booking a hotel you’re paying by room, not by bed like you would in a hostel. However, there are lots of solo travellers in hostels, and if you want to stay somewhere nicer for a while but you don’t want to pay full price, why not team up with another traveller you’ve made friends with and go book a hotel? You’ll split the costs 50/50 and it may even work out more affordable overall than some hostels depending on where you book. Alternatively, if there’s a group of you, why not rent out an entire apartment? The more people there are to split the cost, the more extras like a swimming pool that you are likely to afford.

There are many ways to save on accommodation. Hopefully some of the above tips will help you in your travels!

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