Tips to ease your fear of flying

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If you’re travelling any distance at all, flying is your fastest, safest, most convenient and economical choice of transport. But it doesn’t always appear that way. Granted with the number of discount airlines in operation you can fly to any destination worldwide on a cut price deal. Price isn’t always the issue for some of us though.

You can read anything you want to or listen to all your friends, but for many of us taking to the sky in a metal beast just doesn’t seem like the safest way of getting from A to B. A fear of flying is difficult to get over. If you become overwhelmed as soon as you step on the flight this can cause the entirety of the journey to be very stressful.

For those who may need it, here are our top tips on easing your fear of flying.

Stay in comfortable surroundings for as long as possible

The fear can happen as soon as you set foot outside the door. To stop this try and stay in comfortable surroundings for as long as possible, so think about driving to the airport and leaving your car there for the duration of the trip. Cheap parking Manchester Airport serves those flying from the north, but all airports around the UK have cheap and secure options. Not only will you save money you’ll be in secure surroundings until the last possible second.

Turbulence is uncomfortable but normal

Turbulence is a normal part of flying, but for those passengers with a fear of flying it can feel as if the plane is falling from the sky. Just remember, for each down bump there is an up one – you just don’t feel it as much. It’s perfectly normal. Whilst it may be difficult, try and stay calm and remember all those stats about flying being the safest form of transport.

The plane is a reliable machine

Technology has come a long way since we first took to the skies. Planes are reliable. They have to go through rigorous tests to ensure they are sky worthy. Don’t panic, try and stay positive and put your trust in the captain – he’s a highly qualified individual flying a top class machine.

Deal with your nervous feelings

When you feel afraid your breathing quickens and your heart begins to race. It’s important to keep yourself calm. Push your stomach out and take a slow, deep breath through your nose. Try and fill your lungs from the bottom up. Pause and then exhale slowly. If you do this a couple of times you’ll start to feel better. Try practicing this before you board, so when on the flight you’ll be fully prepares to keep yourself calm.

But most of all look forward to your holiday…. That should focus your mind.

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