Top 3 Cheapest Countries (in Europe/North Africa) for Spa Treatments

When you’re travelling on a budget the idea of a spa treatment sounds like something only luxury travellers can afford, but the truth is that if you pick the right country to travel to you can find prices for spa treatments much cheaper and/or better value for money. With that in mind I thought I’d list the top 3 countries in Europe/North Africa for spa treatments;



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Hungary is known around the world for its natural spring herbal water and public baths. In a land of more than 1,000 hot springs and the facility to accommodation up to 300,000 people at the same time, Hungary’s abundance of natural springs makes its spa facilities very common and affordable to any visitor. These spas can also be a great place to experience a local way of life. Many Hungarian people regularly frequent their local thermal baths.. Average prices in Budapest for access to the baths is usually around 4600 HUF per person (approx. 13.39 GBP)



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If you want to have a spa treatment whilst also experiencing some local tradition then head to a Hammam spa in Morocco! Similar to a Turkish bath, a Hammam spa is a steam room where many Moroccans go habitually to cleanse themselves. The Hammam is an incredibly important part of Moroccan life and you’ll find many of them in all the cities across Morocco. You’ll find just as many local people (if not more) than tourists within them especially in those outside the major tourist cities such as Fes and Marrakesh. Prices often start as low as 50 Dirham per person (approx. 8.93 GBP)



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A Turkish bath is in most cases a steam bath, sauna, or Russian bath with a focus on water rather than ambient steam per say. After bathing in a Turkish bath it is typical for bathers to also receive a full body wash and massage. Typically prices can start as low as 20 Turkish Lira per person (approx 7.17 GBP, so it’s exceptionally cheap!

The above 3 countries offer the cheapest spa treatments in Europe/North Africa. That said, in the UK you may actually find the best value for money especially when you take into consideration regular spa day offers and the added extras you can get at places such as hair salons as part of a spa package – but it all comes down to what you’re after.

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    Great article Jane! Spas are always something we think of as a luxury item on our travels, but they certainly don’t have to be!


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