Top 3 Cruise Destinations To Visit In 2014

Taking a cruise is not a method of transport or holiday usually associated with budget travel – hence why I rarely write about it. As a general rule it tends to be expensive. However, there are certain parts of the world where I think it’s genuinely worth it to fork out that extra cash. Particularly when a destination could either not be got to other than by boat or it’s simply best discovered that way. For example, in the case of the destinations listed below;

1. Antarctica


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Expedition cruising in Antarctica first began in 1969 when Lars-Eric Lindblad launched the MS Lindblad Exlplorer purpose built liner. Since then tourism has increased in Antarctica with over 37,000 people visiting during the 2009 – 2010 season (although not all by cruise). The majority of sea cruises to Antarctica depart from the Argentine city of Ushuaia, commonly regarded as the world’s southernmost city. Average cruise prices in the continent can range from $3,000 to over $30,000 depending on the route and tour company you choose in Antarctica. Naturally you can find your experience is very different depending on the budget you have available, but the lower end of the range – whilst still expensive – does make it more feasible for a budget traveller to do this once-in-a-lifetime type trip.

2. Galapagos


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The Galapagos Islands are an archipelago of volcanic islands situated in the Pacific Ocean west of Ecuador and spread out across either side of the equator. Probably the most interesting fact about the Galapagos Islands is that their vast number of endemic species were studied by the great Charles Darwin during the voyage of the beagle. These observations and collections contributed to Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection. In 1985 UNESCO recognised the Galapogos Islands as a World Heritage Site. In 1987 the ocean surrounding the islands was declared a marine reserve, and in 1990 the islands became a whale sanctuary. Overwhelmingly it is the natural wildlife, marine habitat, and natural beauty which are why you should come here. Getting here before you embark on a boat cruise will be expensive, but it’s one of those places that is really worth it.

3. Tahiti


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Tahiti lies in the South Pacific and is the largest of the 118 islands and atolls that comprise French Polynesia. The island was formed from volcanic activity, are mountainous, and are surrounded by stunning coral reefs. The South Pacific in general has always been one of the top cruise destinations because of its stunning natural beauty, but Tahiti has got to be the pinnacle of that. For that reason it makes this list.

– For more ideas on where you could spend a cruising holiday you may want to check out the Cruiseabout website which has various cruise destinations to choose from.

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    I also highly recommend Antarctica!!!! Best place we ever visited!!!


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