Top 3 Free Things to do in Edinburgh

This post was recently featured on , and is my personal list of the Top 3 Things to do in Edinburgh based on the 2 years in which I lived in the city.

1. Climb Arthurs Seat
Arthurs Seat is situated approximately one mile from Edinburgh Castle, and a climb to the top offers great views of the city! Half way up there is a little enclove where you can stop and have a picnic or chill out, where you can see nothing of city, giving you the feel that your are far off in the countryside, but are in fact only minutes from the heart of Edinburgh.
2. Street Perfomers and Free Shows
Particularly during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August, there are a host of free shows you can go to ranging from Comedic, Theatre, Music, and even Childrens Shows if you are visiting with kids. So many shows in Edinburgh during that time are free and they also offer a chance to see up and coming acts before they get big, and also to support them in their bid to reach a larger audience. During this time there are also several street performances that you can see with just a stroll down the Edinburgh Royal Mile. These street performances often extend to beyond the festival too, and cost nothing to watch.
3. The Dean Gallery
My favourite gallery in Edinburgh, the Dean Gallery is free of charge to enter, and has a regular rotation of artworks and themes, providing you something different to view almost every month. It focuses predominantly on contemporary work, so you’ll often find an exciting mix of work here rather than just old classics. The 3 storey high welded robot like piece is particular favourite of mine and is one of the few main stays of the Gallery. After you’ve been you can also take a leisurely stroll along the nearby Water of Leith which provides some stunning scenery, and a hidden escape from city life.

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