Top 5 places to spend New Year’s Eve

If you are looking for a last minute trip to spend New Years Eve, but can’t decide where, then the following 5 places are my top recommendations at the moment:


Some may call me biased, but no matter where I go in the world, my home city of Edinburgh is always up there competing as one of the top places to go for Hogmanay (Scottish word for New Year’s Eve). Even though the weather is inevitably always crap, cold, and windy, hundreds of thousands of people visit the city every Hogmanay to bring in the new year! Many of them embark on the street party, and party in the gardens, where many bands play until the New Year comes in. Personally, rather than pay entry into Princes Street where the street party is held, and where you will have to stand in the cold, with no where that serves alcohol inside, I prefer to head to a local pub for most of the night, and about an hour before the bells I head up to nearby Calton Hill (less than 5 minutes walk from Princes Street). Calton Hill is free to enter, gives fantastic views of the castle, and people gathered in the streets down below, as well as offering the best view of the Castle fireworks in the city, and also having fireworks of it’s own shooting from behind you! Afterwords you can always find a party somewhere (Marchmont is a good area to find house parties!), or head to a nearby nightclub to party the new year away…


When I was 18 and on my Gap Year, I spent my first New Year’s Eve away from home in Sydney. Despite the fact I had a terrible stomach bug (therefore wasn’t drinking), threw up right on cue as the New Year came in, and was really down as a good friend at the time was leaving the very next day, even I was over awed at both the fireworks and the sheer amount of people gathered down by the harbour to count the New Year in! Sydney really knows how to put a show on at New Year, and whether you are one of the people standing out by the harbour, or watching in one of the many boats bobbing about in view of the harbour bridge, it truly is a spectacular sight! When I was there, a guy drove up in his car right after the bells with the biggest amp I’ve seen, and started blasting music into the street. People just started to party on one of Sydney’s main streets, and even though by this point, after forcing myself to go out while feeling as ill as I’ve ever felt, you couldn’t help but love the party spirit going on!


As the first place to officially see in the New Year throughout the world, Kiribati needs no explanation as to why it would be worth a visit on New Year’s Eve! Also, it’s just a beautiful place to visit anyway…

Koh phangan

If you want to spend your New Year on the beach, then Koh phangan is the place to be! Thousands of people head to Haan Rit beach every year to party into the New Year, drinking buckets, and just having a good time!

New York

Times Square is a momumental part of New Year’s Eve, even when you’re not there! Every TV station in the world on New Year’s Eve that’s counting the night in will almost always have a flash of what it’s like in Times Square, New York, as the clock strikes down. Just be sure to reserve a cheap hotel in New York in advance to make sure rooms are available and you can get the best prices. YOu may also want to consider staying in the Manhattan area, not too far from Times Square. One thing you don’t want to happen is to get stuck in traffic and end up having to celebrate the event in a cab!

Spending New Year’s Eve in New York is one of the most iconic and momentous ways many people spend their countdown to the New Year.

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