Top 5 Places to Travel in the Southern Hemisphere in 2011/12

As the winter approaches for us in the Northern Hemisphere, many people are considering heading South to escape the cold (myself included!) So where are the top 5 places right now to head in the Southern Hemisphere?


A country full of passion (think Argentine Tango, and Diego Maradona), with a mix of urban life in Buenos Aires to the rugged and adventurous Andes mountains, it’s not hard to see why Argentina is such a popular Southern Hemisphere destination. Mix that in with the beautiful chicas, chicos, and the fact that it’s cheaper to study Spanish there than in Spain, there are a whole range of reasons why people may want to choose Argentina as their base during the Southern Hemispheres summer.


Australia is the most popular backpacker destination in the world, and it is not hard to see why! When you have beautiful beaches, urban nightlife, coral reefs, lush jungle, mountainside, and outback desert to discover all within one entire country, Australia really does have it all. With such vast variety of landscape, there also comes a huge variety of wildlife too see and experience from the native Kangaroo, the fierce crocodile, cuddly Koala, to the array of insects and spiders, most of whom are native only to Australia. More endearing though is laid back Ozzie lifestyle. After a few beers and a barbie you’ll be loving you sunny escape to the Northern Hemispheres winter here.


It may sound like the word “chilly”, but during the Southern Hemispheres summer you’ll find the sun is shinning in this beautiful country. The capital, Santiago, is an obvious choice as a place to start your journey here. One of Latin Americas most modern metropolitan areas, Santiago is the place to be if you are looking for a fast paced cosmopolitan lifestyle in South America. Chile as a country however may also be an interesting destination to visit. Whether you are an avid amateur astronomer looking for the best spots to spot stars, or looking to visit the spot of where the now famous 33 miners were rescued after spending two months stuck underground. There is lots to see and do in Chile!

New Zealand

If you love adventure sports and breath-taking scenery then you will love New Zealand. Also, if you love Lord of the Rings then you’ll be in heaven as all the movies were shot here! New Zealand is the place to be if you want to go zorbing, sky diving, bungee jumping, or any other kind of adventure sport you can think of set in an amazing backdrop. In recent times New Zealand has unfortunately been in the news for heartbreaking stories such as the Christchurch earthquake which killed many people, and destroyed much of the city, but local people are continuing to re-build and pull together in a way that can only make the kiwi spirit appear more heart warming and endearing to those lucky enough to have experienced it.

South Africa

If you want to go on Safari, South Africa is an incredible place to do it. South Africa regularly gets a bad rap in the press for it’s crime rate, and I would be lying if I said it’s not something I would think about when I think of this country. However, one look at the beautiful wildlife and scenery this place has to offer, and it would be hard to turn down a trip here.

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