Top 5 Things To Do In Edinburgh

Edinburgh Newtown

1. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival – The Edinburgh Fringe Festival takes place from 6th to 30th of August every year and attracts a huge variety of acts from all over the world. Last year I went to see comedians Jimmy Carr, Jim Jeffries, Jack Whitehall, and Rhys Darby. Not only that, but tickets usually only cost between £5-£10, although there are many free shows available too.

Accommodation can be quite pricey here during the festival, however if you look hard enough there are bargains available. Also, check out Couch Surfing if you haven’t already, as it comes in really handy at times like these and can save you a fortune! 🙂
Aside from all the shows available during the festival, one of the reasons I love it here during the fringe is because of the atmosphere. The streets are filled with street performers, dancers, actors, and people from all walks of life. Without trying to sound too biased the people of Scotland are at most times very friendly (apart from the bus drivers who are almost always grumpy!:) )It really is a great time of year to be in Scotland.


2. The Cameo Cinema – The Cameo is my favourite cinema in Edinburgh by far. It is one of the oldest cinema’s in Scotland and still has many of it’s original interiors. Tickets during the day can be as little as £1.50 per person, and for a large popcorn and coke it usually costs around £4 which is cheaper than any other cinema in Edinburgh. There is also a really cool pub next door which you can also buy tickets from if you want to have a drink instead of waiting in the box office que. If you’re looking for a cheap night out anytime of year this is deffinately my recommendation! 🙂


3. Grass market – The grass market is in my opinion one of the most interesting parts of Edinburgh. There are lots of cool little independent shops, pubs, and restaurants to go to both day and night. It is situated right in the heart of Edinburgh’s old town, nearby to both Edinburgh University, and Edinburgh College of Art so there is always a bargain nearby with so many students in proximity! 🙂 One of my favourite places to go in the grass market is Armstrong’s vintage clothing shop. Forget shopping on Princes Street, this is the best place to find cool, interesting bargains. There are so many interesting little independent shops here though, especially if you are looking for things like hand made jewellery, vintage clothing, local art, or just some interesting gifts to take back home. There is also a cool joke shop, and fancy dress store if you are looking for something fun.


4. Arthur’s Seat and Calton Hill – The best way to see Edinburgh in my opinion is to climb either of these two hills. Arthur’s Seat is the bigger of the two and on a sunny day is a great place to climb up for some panoramic views of the city. There is also a little enclave about half way up, that if you stop you can see nothing of the city and feel like you are miles away in the countryside.

The other is Calton Hill, a bit smaller than Arthur’s Seat (also a bit easier to climb!), and offers great views of the city especially at Hogmanay(New Year’s Eve) if you want to view both the fireworks from Edinburgh Castle and from behind the hill. You can also see the National Monument here (also known as “Edinburgh’s Disgrace” due to it being left unfinished some years ago) and also watch the various pagan festivals which are held up here regularly. I should also note that it is completely free to come here at all times of year except when the Beltane Fire festival is on where there is a small fee to enter.


5. Auld Reekie Tours – I am slightly biased with this one as one of my flatmates used to work here as a guide, however this tour of the underground vaults of Edinburgh is a really cool way to spend a night in my opinion. There are a variety of tours to choose from, with the best in my opinion being the Terror Tour. All the tour guides here have a theatrical background so you don’t just get a history tour, but there is also an element of show. There are new vaults discovered in Edinburgh’s old town all the time, and the scariest part of this tour was that everything is based on true events. There is also a really interesting Wicca temple within these particular vaults which is still used to this day. At the end of this tour they also take you into the pub next door which has some interesting vaults in it itself, and can be a bit tricky finding your way to the toilet if you’ve had a few drinks! 🙂


There are so many things to do in Edinburgh all year round that I couldn’t possibly write them all, but these are my top 5 for anybody new to the area. Regardless, I hope you enjoy my hometown city as much as I do.

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  1. Letty says:

    I love these tours!!!!!So scarey!

  2. The walk to the top of Arthurs Seat is a great wee stroll and the views are priceless. One thing I love about Edinburgh is all those amazing old pubs that are kicking about all over the place.


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