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Although I have never been a great photographer myself, one thing I can really appreciate coming from an art background is a stunning image. Travel offers a great opportunity to take photographs of some stunning scenes, and viewing great travel photography acts as a great motivator for me personally to hit the road again anytime I am back home. So it is with that that I have decided to list some of my favourite travel photographers and travel photography blogs that I thought you may find useful.
In no particular order:
Stuck In Customs – Trey Ratcliff is probably one of, if not the best travel photographer I have ever seen. I am always completely marvelled by his work. The best thing is just to check out his website and see for yourself.
 Yegor Korzh – Yegor Korzh is a freelance photographer based in Sydney, publishing stunning photography predominantly from Australia, and surrounding countries.
Andre Gunther Photography – Aside from having great photography, this site is also really good because it has a lot of tutorials on photography for beginners, and also for those with a bit more experience. I personally found it really useful recently.
Ilya Genkin – Quite simply some stunning photography.
Indoblitz – Although not a traditional travel blog, this website features photographs from a variety of travel photographers, and allows you to submit your own.
Above are some great travel photography sites that you may find useful. As I mentioned above, travel photography can be a great motivator and inspiration for people to hit road. It was viewing the travel pic’s of a good friend of mine over 4 years ago that whetted my appetite, and inspired me to hit the road for my self! I have never stopped since. For that reason I love to find new and exciting travel photography, and I look forward to sharing more great travel photography blogs here in the future. 

7 Responses to “Top Travel Photography Blogs!”

  1. Lisa Teller says:

    Thanks! Really want to get more into photography this year.

  2. Adam says:

    Thanks. Always love to see some good travel photography. You should check out this blog about travel and photography. It’s very well done, and she does an awesome job with pictures.

  3. Great List! Especially love Andre Gunther Photography .


  4. Danial Shah says:

    hey Jane. Good work 🙂
    You should have a look at my blog too 🙂 I do country specific with my photography 🙂

  5. Mtn Doc says:

    from a retired traveler, amateur photog
    like your site….well organized
    Mtn dod

  6. Vishal says:

    Absolutely loved the blogs that you have shared.

    I will love to get my travel photography website in your mentioned list.

    Hope you enjoy the images.



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