Travel Blogging Frustrations!

Early last week I awoke to find my computer had well and truly broke down. It was the blue and fuzzy grey screen of death. As a full-time blogger, this is my worst nightmare. I rely on my computer for work. It’s how I earn money, it has all my music  on it (I lost my iPod a while back), and is my easiest way to keep in contact with back home. After realising fairly quickly this was not a problem that could be easily fixed (at least not by me), I immediately headed to the nearest store to buy a new laptop in a bid to stop my growing frustrations.

You’d think that at this point all my problems would be resolved. It was then however that I realised this was a Sunday, and on a Sunday everything in Sevilla is shut! “No problem” I thought! I can go one day without my computer. I will simply wait until tomorrow, and go back to the store. Upon my arrival on the Monday however, I then realised there was now a problem with my bank card, as despite having more than enough fund in it to buy a laptop, it seemed to not be working on the chip and pin device.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I’ve had to wait over a week for a new bank card to be sent out, and as I can’t remember the pin for my credit card, I therefore won’t be able to buy a new laptop until it arrives. So if you’ve been wondering why there has been a distinct lack of blog posts of late, this is the reason why. I hope you will stick with me until things get back to normal. 🙂

Oh, and I’ve also changed the blog theme for anyone who is wondering.

2 Responses to “Travel Blogging Frustrations!”

  1. Steve says:


    At least in Spain, Internet cafe access is cheap. In ’96, it was often just 1 Euro per hour.

  2. Katherina says:

    It seems to be a bad month for computers!!! Mine broke about 2 weeks ago… The harddrive is broken and I had to purchase a new one – and accept loosing everything that was on my old one (which btw, was a lot….). Now I have to wait until september to get back my empty laptop, and write my posts from the ipad (lots more work!). Wish you more luck than I had….!!


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