Travel Blogging Update – 7

A lot has been happening at lately, so I thought it would be a nice time for a little update to let you guys know what I’ve been doing, and what you can expect from the site in the near future.

Learning Spanish in Spain

Some of you may have read an earlier post on how I had delayed my Trans-Siberian journey to come to Spain. I was feeling a bit stressed at having the next 6 months of my life completely planned out. It must seem mad to a lot of people, to be taking a break from a trip which for many is a once in a lifetime gig. Following that up with coming to Spain, a country often signified as a package holiday destination… something which would usually put me off coming here.  Even to me it did at times seem bizarre, but for some reason it just felt right. I am so glad I went with my instinct on this, and can honestly say now that after 3 weeks in Spain I couldn’t be happier! I’ve got to dance with gypsies, sing with protesters in Madrid, have some crazy train rides, and I’ve also fallen in love with Sevilla to the point where my 2 day stop over has now turned into 2 weeks! It may even last the whole summer. I really just don’t want to leave here, and seeing as I’ve been meaning to learn Spanish for a long time now, I figured this may be a great opportunity to sit still for a bit and learn the language. If I get bored then I will move on, but until that time comes I’ll be sticking around here for a little while.

Broken Computer = Sore Head 🙁

My computer wasn’t working for 2 weeks. It’s the first time since I became a travel blogger where I’ve been unable to blog. It was extremely frustrating! Of course, I have been using the hostel computers in the mean time, but it’s not the same, and I can’t spend the hours that I do, or have access to the software that I have on this computer. I was losing money out of every day I couldn’t blog. Less money means less travelling. I am not motivated by money. It does not mean a lot to me on it’s own, but I do realise that I need it to fund this lifestyle so it has become particularly important of late. Probably the most surprising thing that I realised these past few weeks however is just quite how much this blog has become part of my everyday life. Every morning I wake up, and the first thing I do is turn my computer on to check my emails / the stats of this website. When I’m out sight seeing my brain is always thinking “oh, that would be a great picture opportunity for a photo of the day post”, or “I should write about this when I get back, or pass on this tip”. Sometimes it gets too much, and it may sound monotonous to some people, but not having that for a little while has really made me realise how much I am a part of this website, and how much I love blogging. It is possibly the only form of structure I have in my day. Yeah, it pays my bills, but more importantly I enjoy what I do, and a lot of that has to be put down to all the people who comment on my blog, who chat to me via twitter, and the network of other bloggers out there who have really become my online friends. The frustration of having a computer not work for 2 weeks was enough to show me that, and really make me appreciate it. I’m just thankful I managed to fix my computer.

Site Design

I really really reeeeeaaaaally want to get a complete custom theme design for this blog! My problem up until now is that everytime I think about paying for someone to do it, I always equate that money into how much travelling I could do with it, and this always results in me delaying the process. I’m getting to the point however where I think I may just need to bite the bullet and pay someone good to make this site look completely professional. I get embarrassed a bit when people look at my DIY web design. Maybe I’m being too self conscious or picky, but this site is continually progressing in terms of stats and income, so I feel like I should continue to invest that to make it even better! Alternatively, if you know some nice kind person who wants to do my custom design for free I will be forever in your debt!

Bloggy things

As for general blogging and the content on this site, I will be back to blogging daily (or every second day when it gets a bit busy) now that my computer is back up and running! I’ve also been meaning to upload some video content for some time now, but through the process of filming and editing I’ve found that a) those 3 minute vids actually take a lot longer than 3 minutes to shoot lol, and b) I’m a silly perfectionist who really just needs to get over myself and post something on here soon! I don’t want to give a set date for when you’re likely to see video content on just yet, but I promise it will be soon!

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