Travel blogs you should be reading (if you’re not already!)

If you’re looking for some cool and interesting travel or destination focused blogs to check out then below are some of my personal favourites at the moment! All offer something unique in my opinion.

Backpacker Becki

Why you should read Becki’s blog;

backpacker becki picThe reason why I love Becki’s blog is because she often travels to more obscure or controversial destinations (such as North Korea or Israel for example) and always manages to report back on each place with complete honesty and balance in her views. She’s the kind of blogger who’s not afraid to tackle ‘touchy’ subjects or difficult issues about the countries that she visits. This in turn brings up many important issues for debate but also arms her readers with some powerful knowledge and insight should they ever visit these destinations too. Seriously, every time Becki writes about a new destination I almost always feel inspired to go there too!

Fevered Mutterings

Why Mike Sowden’s blog is awesome;

fevered mutterings

Mike is funny. Like really bloomin’ funny. And not in the “Oh look, that man hovering around the children’s park looks a bit FUNNY” kind of way. I mean in the “his latest social media update just made me spit my coffee out mid-LOL on the poor gentleman sitting across from me on the train” kind of funny. For example, catchy titles like ‘Suffer Openly; Why Travel Should Be Miserable’ and ROFLCOPTERS like ‘3 Things Hull’ will have you chortling away on even the worst of days. There is definitely no other travel blogger out there like Mike!

Humans of New York

Why you should follow Humans of New York;

brandon humans of new yorkHumans of New York is actually something I followed for many months on Facebook long before I ever realised there was actually a popular website, online acronym for it called HONY and a best selling book to boot too! Photographer Brandon originally set out in 2010 to create an exhausted catalogue of New York city’s inhabitants but that has since grown into something much bigger than that. Brandon asks a set of questions to each person that he photographs and you’d be amazed at some of the responses. Whilst his photographs are always excellent, for me it is the humanisation of each photo that strikes a nerve. It’s the kind of blog that can make you laugh and cry and feel like all is good in the world in just a number of minutes! It also gives an insight into the inhabitants of New York city that has never really been done before.

Humans of Tehran

Why you really need follow Humans of Tehran too;

humans of tehran 2 humans of tehran

Inspired by the aforementioned Humans of New York, Humans of Tehran paints a picture of Iran and in particular Iran’s capital city that is rarely seen in any other form of media. Contrary to what you’ll see on the news, Humans of Tehran paints a picture of Tehran that is actually a very modern and vibrant city. It is completely different to what you would expect living here in the West. For me that alone is what makes this blog so interesting to follow and in this way differs slightly from its inspiration. Where the quotes on Humans of New York are what humanises the page, the photographs alone on Humans of Tehran (to a Western audience) are what do this (for me.) It kinda does what travel does to you (in terms of challenging your pre-conceived ideas of a country) except from the comfort of your own home looking at your computer screen.

Someone Once Told Me

Reasons why Mario’s blog is one you should read;

sotm pic 1 sotm pic 2

Mario’s concept on Someone Once Told Me has always been an interesting one. He takes a photograph of someone holding up a large piece of paper with a quote written down on it of something someone once told them. The quote can be anything but in most cases it turns out to be either funny or inspiring. The person then tells him the story of how that quote came to be spoken. He does this all as he travels. In turn what you have are all these quotes and stories from people around the world, providing an insight into every place Mario visits from the people he meets along the way. I certainly haven’t found another blog like this yet.

The Chaotic Scot

Reasons why Kay’s blog is super duper awesome;

chaotic scottKay is not your ordinary travel blogger! She’s also a tour guide in Scotland for backpackers and is currently studying for a degree in Tourism & Marketing. She is what we would call a ‘mental heid’ in Scotland, i.e. a crazy person, but in the best possible sense of the word! The main reason I like reading her blog is because of the way she ‘takes you around’ each destination like your tour guide and in Kay’s own unique style. Her fun personality always comes across in each blog post and is always combined with some cracking photographs that really make you want to go to the destinations she has visited.

The Travel Pop

Reasons why the Travel Pop blog is cool;

the travel pop

The main reason for reading The Travel Pop is quite simply the concept of the blog – to educate the reader on travel through the medium of pop culture. It’s the kind of blog that makes you feel like you’re actually learning stuff as you read it – which is cool – but does so in a way that allows you to read up about the likes of Bruce Lee and The Beatles in relevance to destinations you can visit around the world.

Small Crazy

Reasons why Yishyene’s blog is super dope;

fruityoutfit small crazy picture

Yishyene is one of those people with a super positive spirit and that shines brightly over on her blog Small Crazy. Her personality is vibrant and that really comes across in every aspect of her blog, making it one of those you never get bored of reading. Probably the thing I love most about her blog though are the pictures. Yishyene is both a travel and a fashion blogger. Whilst I’m the first to admit I know very little about fashion, even the most un-fashionable of us must agree that the photo above of Yishyene in a banana headband is one of the most awesome things you’re ever likely to see!

– So these are my favourite blogs at the moment that have a travel or destination based theme! If you know of any other cool blogs you’d like to share please do so in the comments section below. I’m always looking to discover new blogs!

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  1. Gemma says:

    I like your list! Quite a few bloggers I wasn’t aware of before but also some more famous like the Humans of New York! I will add these new ones to the ever growing list of travel blogs that I follow!

  2. Thanks for the inclusion – and in great company too 🙂 Also, thanks for the heads up about Humans of Tehran. I am heading to Iran this year and would love to meet up with these guys and see a different side to the place!

  3. Mikeachim says:

    Thanks, Jane. 🙂

    If you’re looking for a much better rate of LOLs per square inch, I can recommend Geraldine at Everywhereist. Typical post:

    • Jane Meighan says:

      Thanks for the recommendation Mike! I’ve read that post already by the everywhereist. Also another great blog in the LOL department! 😀

  4. Rebecca says:

    great collection. Will have to check some of these out. Oh if only I had the time to just read loads of blogs all day 🙂

  5. Brendan says:

    Wow! I just found out about this! Thanks so much for recommending The Travel Pop on your list! Feeling quite honoured at the moment 😀


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