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Ant StoneLast Tuesday I was unexpectedly featured in a #traveltuesday weekly special on Sta Travel Buzz, and it has inspired me to do something similar here on Every Tuesday, as well as my usual #TT list on twitter, I will highlight one travel blogger, writer, or travel related person I think deserves a special mention. So many travel bloggers in particular produce great content on their websites and blogs, yet so little of them get the attention they deserve. Also, the more travel bloggers out there producing great content, the more inspired people will be to travel, as essentially that’s what travel blogs do; they inspire others to hit the road. It is with that in mind that I have started this regular Travel Tuesday feature, and whether you are an established blogger, a complete newbie, or something in between, you may find yourself here on my Travel Tuesday Feature!

This week my Travel Tuesday mention goes out to Ant Stone of Trail of Ants. Ant’s blog is one I regularly read, but what is particularly appealing about his blog is the fact he conducts it in such an ethical way. All advertisements, links, and features are conducted in a way that puts content first, before making a quick buck. Not only that however, but he writes useful and insightful posts such as “Tips for travelling with parents”, “How much does a bungee jump cost”, and “Don’t be a fatpacker”. Ant has also taken part in some unique and interesting trips already, with the Trans-Mongolian express something which is a particular highlight for me as I will be taking part in this journey myself soon!

For more information on Ant or his blog, you can visit Each week I will be highlighting another blogger within the travel blogging community. Although I will be picking each blogger, if you think I may not be aware of your blog, you are new on the travel blog scene, or you would like to featured here as part of a Travel Tuesday special, feel free to send me an email with your URL and a bit of info about your blog. I can’t promise to feature your blog, but I will consider everyone who contacts me.

Happy Travel Tuesday!

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    Great first pick, I read his blog regularly.


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