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Today my Travel Tuesday mention goes to Jeannie from I’ve been following Nomadic Chick for a while now, and her journey from corporate cubicle to full time traveller is something I’m sure a lot of people can take inspiration from. Aside from that however, her site design rocks and she just writes great travel related content!

Her post Why I Travel was particularly inspiring, and is something I can personally relate to a lot. Posts such as the 7 Stages of Unplugging from the Cubicle, and I Was Laid Off, are also particular highlights, and definitely worth a read! The one thing that I think Nomadic Chick captures well is that fact she takes you through her individual journey from the corporate world to life as a traveller, but in a way that people from all over the world can relate to. Trying to escape the rat race, and travel the world are universal themes, but it’s only when a writer can convey that well through their own individual story that those themes come across. Nomadic Chick does all those things well, and for that reason she gets my Travel Tuesday mention today! So go check out her site!

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  1. That is so flattering and thank you. I hope my journey is conveyed in a way that people find accessible. 🙂


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