Unique cruises from around the world

Today’s guest post is by Ross Fraser from Europe Traveler. Ross is a passionate traveler, who has traveled extensively around Europe, and other parts of the world.

Cruises– what can I say about them?  When I think of cruise holiday my mind flips between one of two things  –

  • 1.       The Titanic sinking
  • 2.       The Elderly

Both negatives and both undeserved I’m sure! Cruising as I have discovered has changed dramatically…

I’m not one for doing the run of the mill so I have pulled out 5 cruises that mix the unusual with the fascinating!

The Galapagos Islands

Galapagos-bartolome-island.jpg Galapagos Islands image by herssa

Invitations to “step back in time” are regularly made to tourists visiting historical attractions the world over. In the Galapagos Islands this offer holds extra significance due to major influence the island’s isolated flora and fauna had in developing Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.  Here you can see unique species including the giant Galapagos Tortoises, Marine Iguanas, the world’s only tropical penguins, and famous ‘Darwin’ finches in a living laboratory of adaptation. Well off the radar of conventional cruise itineraries, the islands featured as the stunning backdrop to the Russell Crowe film ‘Master and Commander’. Cruise programs are limited in the islands, with small ships offering a rare, up-close experience with an emphasis on minimal environmental impact. 

Visiting Yalta

A mixture of medieval and modern history makes Yalta on the south coast of Ukraine one of the most interesting calls on any Black Sea cruise itinerary. The imposing and turreted ‘Swallows Nest’ castle overlooking the port brings you face with history of the town which began life as a Byzantine port and fishing settlement.  Visiting the White Palace of Livadia, built by Tsar Nicholas II, takes you an extremely important site in modern history as this was the venue for 1945 Yalta Conference at the end of the Second World War.


Oceans away in the eastern Caribbean, the French islands of Guadeloupe are a friendly, tropical and uncrowded version of the South of France with deserted beaches, jungle waterfalls and fantastic snorkelling. Guadeloupe’s sights are spread out over five principal islands, making an island-hopping cruise visit an ideal way to see the sights. The city of Pointe-a-Pitre is known for its outdoor markets such as Marche St. Antoine and Marche de la Darse in the heart of downtown. For a nature escape, the 4,813-ft. high still-active La Soufriere volcano is the highest point of the island and a short hike (you can drive most of the way up).

The Falkland Islands

Swapping warm for cold, cruises can be taken from from the southern tip of South America to visit the Falkland Islands and South Georgia. In the South Atlantic Ocean, the far-flung Falkland Islands support unique wildlife not found further south, including sixty species of migratory birds as well as the rare rockhopper penguin. South-east of here across the Antarctic Convergence, lies the remote and beautiful island outpost of South Georgia. Against the spectacular backdrop of a wilderness of high snowy mountain peaks and massive glaciers, live huge rookeries of king penguins, thousands of fur seals and comical macaroni penguins. South Georgia featured in the dramatic story of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ‘Endurance’ expedition.

Themed Cruises

For some travelers, journeys are more important than destinations – this can certainly be said for themed cruise holidaymakers. An exploration of the, at times, bizarre world of themed cruises reveals some surprising ‘fan cruise’ itineraries. The recently launched ‘BackStreet Boys Cruise’ celebrates one of the biggest selling musical groups of all time, and follows hot on the heels of the sell-out voyage of the ‘New Kids on the Block Cruise’. A whole host of theme cruises are available to cater all tastes in recreation, culture, politics and the arts. Other non-musically inspired popular fan cruises are the ‘History of the British Royal Family Cruise’, the ‘Clown Cruise’ and the not-at-all ironic ‘Titanic Cruise’.

Cruises no longer have to be for the elderly. With the above 5 suggestions, you can have both a unique cruise experience, and see some stunning scenerey that will add so much to your travels.

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  1. I’ve never considered a cruise before, but these look very interesting. I’ve been to the Galapagos before and would agree that a cruise would be a good way to do it.


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