Update: What’s Happening with Runaway Jane


If you were a regular reader of this site wondering what’s been happening with it of late (given that I haven’t really been blogging recently) then here’s what’s happening with both me and my blog!

Travel Burnout, Health Issues and University Life

After 6 years of full-time travel blogging, I officially had a case of what can only be described as travel burnout! I love travelling and always will, but having endless short-term romances, living in backpacker hostels constantly and never getting to see my family back home was beginning to get to me. It’s not that those things are so bad, it’s just 6 years of that continuously is a little hard to do. So I came home and for around 18 months now I’ve literally not gone anywhere! And until very recently I genuinely didn’t have any of my usual urges to go abroad that I would expect after a certain amount of time spent at home – so I think I must have needed the break! Unfortunately, that also meant taking a break from this blog, as without doing any travel there wasn’t really much to write about! So what next?

Well, if you read my previous post about becoming non-nomadic again, I started a degree through distance learning while I was still travelling. At the time it was great, but I’ve since decided to bite the bullet and transfer to an ordinary campus-based university to finish my degree instead. This has meant that travelling for the next 2.5 years (I’m half way though 2nd year) is going to be limited to weekends and holidays from uni! However, don’t worry, I already have a few little trips planned, and I’m also planning on getting in a few guest writers to help fill things up, so there will be lots to read in the coming months once I’ve got myself properly sorted! Hurrah!

Unfortunately, in the past year I’ve also been diagnosed with a few health conditions which will now make travelling a little bit more difficult (but not impossible). It took a while to actually get a diagnoses, and repeated trips to the doctors, getting sent away countless times being told nothing was wrong until finally things got really bad. I will write about it in due time on here, but for now all I can say is that travelling is about to get more challenging for me, but to be honest, that is only driving me on to do more!

So what trips have I got planned?

At the moment I’m planning on spending Christmas in the Canary Islands with family (as it’s the closest place to Scotland with warm weather at this time year). As far as real backpacking trips go though I’m already planning a trip to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in the summer plus some more destinations depending on how far my student budget will go! In between then, if I’m can squeeze in some time while I’m at uni, I’m planning on using my student rail card as much as I can around the UK whilst looking at cheap flights to Poland and Ireland for mini-trips / weekends away at the moment, although watch this space!

-Anyway, I just wanted to put up this little update for anyone who’s been wondering what’s happening with this site of late. From this week on there will now be weekly content again (hooray) so do keep checking back and following me on social media for more updates! 🙂



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  1. Claire says:

    Nice to hear you’re blogging again Jane!


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