Where everybody knows your name…

For those of you who have travelled or travel long term, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say it’s nice sometimes to just be somewhere with people who know you. I don’t mean someone you met last night at a backpacker bar, I mean people who really know you – good friends or family.

Travelling long term is a dream to many people. In fact, the reality is pretty darn cool. I love meeting new people everyday, jam packing my day with exciting activities, and seeing new places! The crazy parties are also fun too, but I think for anyone who travels long term, especially for those travelling solo, there does come a point when you just want to see a familiar face sometimes. You love your life and wouldn’t want to change it, but sometimes it would be nice to arrive somewhere and have people who actually know your name and are happy to see you! For me right now that place is Sevilla…

I’ve talked about Sevilla a lot in past blog posts! So much so that I’m not going to bore any regular readers with more info on the place. For those of you who may not know though, I was supposed to spend around 2 days in Sevilla last year. I ended up staying over 3 months! It was the people more than the place that made me stay.

Since my stint in Sevilla last summer I’ve went roaming to Eastern Europe by rail, went home to Scotland for xmas/new year, and have been to Morocco – my first jaunt into Africa. In between I’ve visited Sevilla twice. I like coming here. I walk into my hostel and I’m greeted with “Jane! You’re here! Where have you been??” followed by a hug from one or some of the reception and bar staff. I’ve made so many friends here – many who have left for pastures new, and many who’ve stayed. I’ve had some amazing nights here too, and also some I’d like to forget! Everytime I come back to Sevilla things have changed, but yet the warmth of the people stays the same.

I love to walk around the streets that I know, visit the little tapas restaurant across the road, the local corner store to buy my morning fruit, and to drink out with the locals in Alfalfa or Alameda. I kind of do nothing in Sevilla but hang. Someone asked me once what I was doing here meaing was I travelling or working, and without thinking I replied “I’m not sure. I’m just living really.” It’s the most hippy response I’ve ever come out with, but I guess it sort of sums up my time in the city.

When you’ve got good people around you you don’t care where you are. You lose track of time, you forget the days, and you just hang out with your buddies. For me travel will always be about the people. As excited as I am right now to leave Sevilla for new destinations, I will always return.

Tomorrow Granada.

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  1. Definitely one of the hardest things about long-term travel is that you’re always saying good bye to the friends you’ve made.

    Sevilla sounds amazing. I’m reading James Micheners description of it in the 60s. Wonder how much it’s changed?

  2. Hi Jane,

    I completely relate. While I love visiting my friends and family in Florida, I’m always thrilled to continue on with the traveling adventure.

    My husband and I came to New Orleans in February and we’re in love with the city. We’ve made many friends here and have been soaking up as much music and eating as much food as possible. We definitely plan to make it a homebase someday because, like Sevilla, it’s an easy place to just live. I understand why it’s called The Big Easy. Cheers!


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