Vlog: Why do people think I’m American?

People are always confusing my Scottish accent as American. I have a go here at showing the different between the two, using some stereotypical American sayings. Check it out!

2 Responses to “Vlog: Why do people think I’m American?”

  1. Steve says:

    Yep you sounds totally Scottish to me, I have no idea what those others were thinking. And just to let you know, Afro-Americans are actually a minority group in America no matter how popular hip-hop and rap may be.

  2. Dastan says:

    Haha! Loved this. And for the record, you don’t sound American and I should know, I’ve lived in the USA for years. But you don’t have the stereotypical heavy Scottish accent either…therefore, you must be Canadian! JK! 😉


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