Woohoo! I’m PLUS hostels new Resident Blogger #PLUSjane

Today is a really exciting day for me. I’ve just been announced as PLUS hostels ‘Resident Blogger’ over at www.PLUShostels.com/jane! Some of you who may have followed my journey here so far on RunawayJane.com will know that when I started this blog I wanted to do three things

  • share my passion for travel
  • help other people like you to travel like me
  • and to become a full-time location independent digital nomad!

My work with PLUS is helping me to do all three of those things! So for me it’s a very cool thing to be able to say to you that as well as my blogging here on RunawayJane.com (which by the way will continue!) you will also be able to view, see, and experience completely new and original content from me on the PLUS hostels blog!

My first blog post ‘What makes YOU want to travel?‘ tells you a bit about the new blog, and also asks you what it is that either makes you travel or makes you want to take your first trip and get out there. For me, it’s always been really important to have a discussion with you rather than just me telling you things about travel. I always love it when people comment on my blog posts, tweet me, facebook me, or send me an email. Especially on twitter I am particularly active, and I am genuinely interested in what it is you love about travel so please read the post and tell me what it is that makes you want to get out there and hit the road!

I’ll be tweeting from my regular @runawayjane account on twitter, but I’ll also be using the #PLUSjane hashtag. For anyone who uses the #PLUSjane hashtag I will ALWAYS respond, so if you want to reply to the post or talk about anything else PLUS or hostel related (including questions about the destinations that PLUS have hostels & campsites) then be sure to use the hashtag and I will retweet/respond. Also, if you would like to share any content relating to Berlin, Prague, Venice, Rome, or Florence (where PLUS has accommodation) that you think could be useful to people who visit these cities, please use the #PLUSjane twitter hashtag and I will retweet anything that could be useful to someone staying at a PLUS hostel or campsite!

As for now… I’m currently sitting in the souks of Essaouira, Morocco, on a hammock, working as I watch the world go by! If it wasn’t for YOU reading this blog I would not have this lifestyle, so thank you very much for being my reader… whether you’re here for the first time or a regular reader. Thank you very much! Hopefully I can and do utilise my own experiences here on this blog and now over at PLUS to help you create a lifestyle that you love.

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  1. Laura says:

    Congrats Jane!

  2. Alouise says:

    Sounds like a great opportunity for you. Congratulations.


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