Would you spend xmas abroad?

Sky Scanner just recently announced a competition giving away £750 worth of flights to fly somebody home or away this Christmas! I thought it was an interesting concept… The fact that somebody could be flown to a sunny destination abroad (or wherever it is that you want to go), but also that somebody could be flown home.

Sometimes when the miserable weather kicks in during the Northern Hemisphere’s Christmas we all want to fly off somewhere to escape the cold, but equally I have been on the other side of fence – like when I spent my xmas 2006 abroad in Australia, and I would have LOVED the opportunity to fly home just for that day if the flight home hadn’t been so expensive.

I don’t recall ever really missing home during that Gap Year other than xmas day. I was only 18 at the time, it was my first time living away from home, and I was having the time of my life! I probably miss home a lot more now that I’m a bit older than I did back then, but it was xmas day in 2006 that really made me appreciate for the first time that Christmas really isn’t about the presents – as clichéd as that statement may seem.

For me Christmas isn’t even really a religious event – as stupid as that statment may seem. I’m not a religious person, but I do think we should all have at least one time during the year where we spend time with our family all together, and Christmas is as good an excuse as any to do that. That year when I spent xmas abroad in Sydney was my first realisation of this. I missed the banter my family and I have, my mum’s home cooking, the junk food, the spending the day in your PJs all toasty and warm. I enjoyed xmas day in Sydney, but it just didn’t really feel like xmas day without my family there and with the sunshine weather. I also happened to be spending it with a vegan and a vegetarian which meant that xmas dinner consisted of cous cous and salad. Again, it was nice, but just not xmas day for me!

It was this day which also prompted a sort of tradition in our house hold every time I come back from a major trip, and that is to have xmas dinner no matter what day I arrive home. When I came back home from Australia during the UK summer in 2007 my family had my mum’s home cooked xmas dinner with all the trimmings as I made them promise to do it seeing I missed out on the actual day! We enjoyed it so much we tend to use my trips as an excuse for an extra xmas dinner during the year!

I suppose people can want to spend xmas day abroad for all sorts of reasons though. Not everyone is as lucky as I am to have a large close-knit family. Also, I can imagine spending xmas in a country where the main religion is not Christianity would be an interesting experience and something I would like to experience at some point in my lifetime. If you flew WITH your whole family abroad over Christmas I can also imagine that being the best of both worlds – nice weather, but all the people you love still around you.

As for this Christmas, well, I will be home spending it with my family on the actual day. However, I will be abroad for the 2 weeks prior to it in the sunny Canary island of Tenerife thanks to the folks at Sky Scanner who have kindly provided me with the flights. I fly home on the 24th. For me this is the perfect way to spend the festive period because I will get some sunshine escape, but I will have xmas day at home – where I want to be.

So where will you be this Christmas? More importantly, where would you like to be this Christmas? Will you be entering Sky Scanner’s competition to win flights for the festive period?


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  1. We’ll be somewhere on the Cote D’Azur, or possibly over the border into Italy. We’ll have a traditional Christmas dinner, decorations and presents as if we were back at home in the UK – we’re travelling Europe in an American RV, so it’ll be easy to make Christmas feel like at home. But we’ll also have sunshine and warm weather, walks on the beach and great locally-produced wine…it’s the best of both home and away!

  2. Katherina says:

    So excited to read you’re going to my home land – Tenerife! Let me know if you need any advice or recommendation 🙂 I’ll possibly be there for Christmas and before… And then move on to Switzerland to ski!

    • Jane says:

      Hi Katherina, I didn’t realise Tenerife was your home land! Any tips or recommendations would be greatly appreciated as this will be my first time on the island! 🙂

  3. Anita Mac says:

    Hmmm…last year I spent Christmas in Prague – totally amazing! This year, I could go the other way and spend some time somewhere warm – Sydney Australia would be brilliant. Stunning beaches, amazing wines…..it would be the perfect combination of spending Christmas both abroad and at home (I am half Australian and one side of the family lives over there, the other half in Canada with me!!!)

  4. Rease says:

    I spent the last 2 Christmases abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I LOVE Christmas, but I don’t have a big or close family, so it’s not actually the day that I love, it’s the lead up. For me, Christmas is All Day Cookie Weekend with my mom. We bake thousands of cookies for an entire weekend and then package them up and give them all away. I tried to do versions of the day on my own in BA, but it was very hard to do on my own and with limited supplies. I remember my first Christmas in BA, it was 100 degrees (36 C) on Christmas day and it totally sucked!

  5. Red Hunt says:

    Sounds like an exciting Xmas time for you….I’ve often travelled for my birthday and have flown around / travelled often for New Year’s, but Xmas is the one time I do try to be at home. Not so much because I want to, but I know that my family really wants me there. So I think of myself as a present for them 😉 But inevitably I’ll spend some Xmas’s away in years to come…

  6. I hate spending Christmas abroad! I remember my first Christmas away from home, it was utterly bizarre and I didn’t like it one bit. I’ll be spending Christmas here in Korea this year again (after a visit home last year), but I shall be with my partner so hopefully I won’t be quite as homesick. Planning my world travels next year so that I’ll be home for Christmas 2013 for sure.

  7. Gavin Harvey says:

    I think spending Christmas abroad sounds great, especially if someone else is paying for the trip! I’ve jetted off on the 26th plenty of times, but as long as you can convince your family/ friends to come too I can’t see any disadvantages. You could even bring back some of these strange souvenirs as belated Christmas gifts, although I don’t know how much they’d be appreciated! http://su.pr/1wnOSE

  8. Cristina says:

    I’ve always spent Christmas holidays at home with family. I did spend it one year in Rome when I was 8 but I think I would appreciate it more now. Although I would miss my family, I would love to spend Christmas abroad in a “Christmas city” like Paris. I am in love with colourful lights and street decor during this season.


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