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Photo of the Week – Prague Statue’s Part 1

Prague has many beautiful statue’s littered around the city. Here is the first of many I have spotted since arriving…

Unique cruises from around the world

Today’s guest post is by Ross Fraser from Europe Traveler. Ross is a passionate traveler, who has traveled extensively around Europe, and other parts of the world. Cruises– what can I say about them?  When I think of cruise holiday my mind flips between one of two things  – 1.       The Titanic sinking 2.       The […]

Can you still be sexy and be a backpacker?

I recently wrote a post on travel underwear, and how to cover all bases when packing underwear for your travels, but it also got me thinking… Can you be sexy and be a backpacker? The reason I ask is that with limited space available to pack all our possessions into a backpack, we often sacrifice […]

Top 5 tips for travelling Europe on a budget (without flying)

With the amount of cheap budget airlines operating throughout Europe, it seems to be the easy option just to jump on a plane whenever you are in the continent. Sometimes however, flying may not be an option. Whether you are an eco traveller, you’re scared of flying, you can’t find the route that you want, […]

Tips for discovering new music as you travel

One thing I love just as much as travel is music! Life is just better when it’s played to a song. Whether you are riding along in the car, out for a stroll in your new surroundings, stuck on a 12 hour bus journey, or just chilling at the beach… There will be times when […]