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Need a good place to stay in Barcelona?

As part of my Inter Rail journey through Europe that I am currently on, I stayed at a really good hostel called Sant Jordi. “Sant Jordi Alberg” to be exact, as there are 6 Sant Jordi hostels in Barcelona. I don’t usually write a post completely dedicated to one hostel, but seeing as Barcelona is one […]

10 Magnificent churches to visit around the world for their architecture

Todays post was brought to you (and written by) Magnificent works of architecture with an attention to detail that is often truly mind blowing, the world’s great churches are nowadays major tourist attractions in their own right. Scattered around the world, there are certain churches that stand out from the rest. Here, we take […]

On-Peak Season Vs Off-Peak Season

Travelling during the on peak and off peak seasons can leave differentiating results when you’re a traveller. It doesn’t matter what continent or country you are travelling in, if you’re there during peak time your experience can be very different to being there during the off peak seasons. Both have high and low points, and it’s good […]

Photo of the Week – Cathedral Granada

10 things to do for FREE in Seville

After spending a total of 3 months in Seville over the summer learning a bit of Spanish, and on a backpackers budget, I know the city very well. All of it’s nooks, crannies, and places you can experience the best of the city without spending a penny. Go to a free flamenco show Seville is […]

First Impressions of Granada, Spain.

So what can you expect from a visit to Granada? If I could describe this city in one word, it would be beautiful. The Alhambra This is why on a Friday afternoon, at the end of October (traditionally off-peak season in Europe) Granada was still mobbed with tourists. I can only imagine what this place […]