5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Máncora (Peru)!


I fell in love with the Peruvian beach town of Máncora last week after spending 6 nights there. In fact, if I’m being honest I’ve had to resist the urge greatly to go back, but alas my travels must go on! So with that in mind I thought I’d give you 5 reasons why you should visit Máncora if you ever travel to Peru or indeed Ecuador (as it’s just across the border!)

The Quiet Life


Every morning I would wake up in Máncora and walk the 2 minutes from my hostel to the beach. Some days there was literally no-one else there apart from the security guard hired by the local council to patrol that patch of the beach. Sure, if you walked the 15 minutes into town you’d find the main beach packed with revellers, but it was very easy to find secluded beaches just a stone’s throw away. For me it was the perfect balance between quiet and having all your amenities and social life nearby.

As a friend said to me during my stay in Máncora, “if you want to live the quiet life, you could do it here just fine.” He really hit the nail on the head. In fact, if Peru wasn’t so far away from my family in Scotland I’d honestly consider setting myself up a base in this sleepy surf town and former fishing village.

Beach Parties

Máncora has a few Asian influences that I noticed. One of these is the huge amount of moto taxis, or tuk tuks, scooting around everywhere, and the other is the full moon parties. With such an excellent beach location and bar, my hostel ‘The Point’ is apparently legendary in the town for its full moon parties every month. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay long enough to enjoy one but literally every local I spoke to mentioned this to me as the ‘place to be’ for the full moon. Additionally, for regular nights out in town you have around 3 late night bars that are right on the beach. Whilst this is not a huge amount of bars, the fact that you can take your drink out onto the beach was a major plus. Also, despite the town being small this didn’t stop the people partying! Seriously, this place can get pretty crazy if you’re out in town. Definitely a plus for the party backpackers out there.

The Surf


If you’re a keen surfer or you want to learn to surf then Máncora is an ideal destination. For a 2 hour surf lesson including hire of all the equipment the price was around 45 Soles (£10 / $16.25 / €11.80)  in most surf schools in Máncora. This is exceptionally cheap compared to learning in Europe for example, where I was quoted prices 5 times this in destinations such as Portugal and Tenerife. Also, just being able to get up at sunrise around 6am and hit the waves was truly the most awesome feeling!

Budget Travellers Paradise

Máncora is cheap. For example, my hostel (The Point Máncora) cost me around 25 Soles (£5.15 / $8.35 / €6.05) per night in a dorm room. The hostel had a brand new swimming pool, volley ball court, bar/restaurant, table tennis, pool table etc, and it was a mere 2 minutes walk from the beach. The average cost of a moto taxi into town (around a 5 minute drive) was 3 Soles (£0.65 / $1.08 / €0.80) during the day and 5 Soles at night. The restaurants on the beach front in town were a bit more expensive, but you could quite easily find fast food joints for example on the main road that offered food for as little as 5 Soles (£1.10 / $1.80 / €1.30).

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