5 ways to make extra cash for your travels

It’s a fact of life; we all need money to travel. The more we have, the longer we can make our trip last. There are many things you can do in order to make money both pre and post departure. The following appear to be some of the easiest to implement, and also the most successful in my own experiences so far:

The Old Fashioned Way

Unfortunately, when it comes to saving/making money for your travel fund, there is no real get rich quick scheme. Sometimes the best and quickest way to make cash is just to stick at your current job, or whatever it is you are doing for money and saving as much of that money as you can. Regardless of all the budget tips, and ways to make extra cash I can give you, this is the easiest way you can make a reasonable amount of cash in a short(ish) amount of time. Obviously, the more you curb your spending, the more you can save out of all that cash. This may involve going back to living with your parents for a while if you can, having less of a social life, and not buying expensive clothes or other items which may cost a lot of money. Obviously, if you can find a career which is location independent, then you don’t need to save up so much prior to departure because you can earn from where ever in the world you are, but I think it’s important not to be under any illusions before you read on to any further tips. The money you make from your current profession will make the bulk of your travel fund, unless you happen to be one of those people with millionaire parents, or a rich partner in which case yay for you!

Get a good savings account

If you are going to be saving money in you regular bank account anyways, then you may as well put it into a savings account where you will actually earn something from it. It won’t be as much as what you’d make investing you money in say property, but I’m assuming you don’t have a huge heap of cash to start with so your best bet is probably a good savings account. In today’s current economic climate you may not be offered as good rates as you would have in the past, but the key tip is to avoid any accounts which offer a variable rate. Right now variable accounts will be really low in what they can offer you as by nature they fluctuate dependent upon the market. Also, although opening savings accounts with your current bank may be easier, be sure to shop around as you may find it more beneficial to save your money in another.

Defer your student loan

What’s the point in paying off a student loan with low interest rates, only to use your credit cards and overdraft abroad which have higher rates, and effectively means you are paying out more yet are still in debt. Defer your student loans, and worry about them when you get back. That way you won’t be under as much pressure to use credit cards or overdrafts with high interest rates, or even if you do use them, it gives you more cash available to spend while you are away because you are not spending it paying debt.

Sell all your belongings

If you want to travel light anyway, then a good way to reduce what you carry in your backpack is just to sell all the belongings you don’t actually need. Electrical possessions like iPod’s, computers, and phone’s make the most money so be sure to sell anything like this that you don’t need to take with you. Even things like books or clothes will make some money. Admittedly not as much as some other items, but even if you just make a few extra dollars or pounds from each item, it all adds up. EBay is the easiest way to sell things quickly, but they take a big commission. In the past I’ve found Gumtree to be a good way of posting ads for your items for free, although you may not be able to find buyers for all your items on there. Amazon is also ok. You could also try the old school way of a car boot sale, or ask around your family and friends to see if they may be interested in any of your items for sale.

Start selling ads

If you have a travel blog or website then starts monetizing it. I know some people may fell uneasy about selling ads on their blog, but as long as those ads are related to the content you produce on your site then there should be no problem. Of course, if something looks spammy, or the advert doesn’t lead to something legit, then you shouldn’t display it. If however, it is advertising a company which offers something useful to your readers then in my mind there is no problem. Affiliate advertising is the easy way to get started if you don’t have a high amount of traffic or good page rank. In the past, I’ve found the most successful type of affiliate advertising on travel blogs have been selling other blogger’s travel eBooks. For some reason these seem to sell a lot and you usually get a 50% conversion rate so give it a try if you are just starting out.

There are many ways to make/save cash for your travels. One thing there isn’t however a get rich quick scheme. Often the simplest solution is the best, and if that means just persevering and saving up cash, or working as you travel, then that’s probably the best route to go.

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    That is the hardest part of traveling saving up the money to pay for the trip. But I think travel blogs are amazing and I love reading them while people travel the world.

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    please introduced some websites where l can sell their product for cash on my website/blog


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