Why Not Flying Can Offer A Richer Experience

If the recent volcanic eruptions and flights chaos in Europe has brought anything to the forefront this week in my mind, it is just how fragile the system of air travel is in Europe, and also how less stressful it is to travel by land and sea!

Over the last 2 years I have been moving further and further towards a life of travel without flying. I would be lying if I said I was doing this purely for eco benefits (although that does play a large part in it), or that my ever-growing fear of flying wasn’t something to do with my decision, but aside from these two factors, there are a whole number of reasons why I am ditching a life of airports and moving towards alternative modes of transport, and why I think more people should do the same!

I’m not suggesting if someone who lives in the UK has a business trip in somewhere like Australia that they shouldn’t jump on a plane to make their journey, as of course that just wouldn’t be practical (although I am making that particular journey over land and sea myself later on this year). What I am suggesting though is if you are making a journey closer to home, or are looking for a holiday or travel experience, then travel by land and sea can be an incredible option which will add so much more to your experience, and also just relieve the stress and strains of airports!

Below is a list of 5 reasons why you should consider alternatives to air travel:

1. The experience – Travel over land and sea still has that adventurous spirit that air travel seemed to loose long ago. It can feel exhilarating, exciting, and allow you to view all the destinations you would have missed simply by location hopping. You will discover so much more to a country by traveling through all the little town and cities, and meet more of the locals . It may sound clichéd but it really is all about the journey, and not so much the end destination.

2. Less Stress – When traveling by alternative means than flying, you don’t have all the same security procedures to go through, safety procedures to remember on board, and you have more le-way to when you can get up from your seat, or make a stop if you are going by car. You can also carry all of your luggage with you at the same time so have no worries of the airport loosing it as is common place these days! Overall the whole trip is just a lot less stressful. Also, for anyone who has a fear of flying like me, you no longer have to worry about bad spots of turbulence, or crash landings, however unlikely they may be, it is an ease off the mind.

3. Eco Benefits – All the recycling in the world won’t mean a thing if you then proceed to jump on a plane everywhere you go. I’m not saying cut air travel for good, but where there is another practical option then why not take it? Eurostar did their research and people can cut 90% of their CO2 emissions just by taking the train instead of a plane

4. It can actually be cheaper – In the day and age of budget airlines it is common belief that flying is simply the cheaper alternative, however when you consider all the extra charges you will receive for luggage, in flight meals/snacks, and also airlines such as Ryanair announcing they may charge for use of the toilet now(!!), when you add it all up, a lot of journey’s may actually be cheaper by say bus, car, or train.

5. Comfort & Scenery – Although you can see some stunning views from aeroplanes on take off or landing, when it’s cloudy, dark, or you’re at a high altitude, you may not get much of a view. That coupled with the fact you may not get a window seat, or the person beside you may want it closed to sleep etc. Travel by train in particular can offer some beautiful scenery all journey long. Or a car journey cross country. You can stop anytime you want, soak in the view and have a picnic! There just isn’t that option on a flight, coupled with the fact you’re eating microwave food, instead of being able to stop for a proper meal.

There are an amazing amount of opportunities that present themselves through the alternatives to flying. On my upcoming adventure I may well be in with the chickens! Whatever means that presents itself as I go along I’ll be taking. Even if you don’t want to take things to extreme’s like I have though, with the current flights cancellations in Europe, why not take the opportunity to take the car for a drive and see some of you own country instead. If you’re in mainland Europe the opportunities are endless to where you can go, and if in the UK or Ireland why not take a trip to some of that beautiful scenery everybody talks about!

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  1. Benny says:

    Flying is for fairies anyway, as Ray Charles said – ‘Hit the road, Jack’.


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