Calling All Travel Writers!

I am currently seeking a number of people to guest post on my 3 travel blogs –,, and, while I allow myself some time off to work on other travel related projects.

A background to each site: focuses on the RTW, backpacker style of travel. There’s a specific focus on providing people useful tips, insights, and advice on all aspects involving RTW travel, and travel on a budget. There is a wide scope for submitting posts on, provided they are related to the backpacker style of travel, and cover a topic which has not yet been covered on the site. is a niche travel blog; with the purpose of provide people with tips, info, hostel reviews, and advice on staying in a backpacker hostel. Posts submitted for should be specifically related to hostels, free or budget accommodation in some way. is a blog aimed at giving/sharing tips, insights, and advice on how people can make money as they travel, rather than pre-departure. There is a strong emphasis on making money from your blog, and the location independent lifestyle here, but the site does aims to cover all aspects of making money as you travel such as Working Holiday Visa’s etc.


To save us both a bit of time, I ask all writers to come to me with an idea for the topic they would like to write, plus a brief synopsis of what it is about, as well as which website you think the post would be most suitable for (bearing in mind the background to each site mentioned above). You will know what your strengths and weaknesses are as a writer better than I will, as well as what topics you are an expert on, or have experience in, so you will have much more chance of being accepted if you can come to me with an idea rather than expect the other way around.  It will also result in you getting a response back much quicker.

If the topic you are suggesting has already been covered in depth on my sites, then it has much less chance of being accepted, unless you are planning on covering a completely different angle than hasn’t been previously explored on the site. Generally speaking however, I’m open to all topics you suggest, provided they are travel related, will fit with one of the above mentioned travel sites, and you have experience in the topic you are writing about. For example,  if you are writing a location based post, say about New York for instance, then you need to have either lived in New York, or have visited the area a number of times. The best articles come from people who actually know a place, topic, or subject very well, as they can provide in depth, useful tips and advice, that only someone with an indepth knowledge of a subject could.

What you get in return

With every guest post, I always include a link back in the article to the travel blog or website of the writer. I am also happy to exchange links with all writers via the Links pages of all my travel websites, including sites I haven’t listed here. I should also point out that I am only accepting submissions from travel bloggers and writers, i.e. you have to have an active travel related blog or website (it can be a basic blogger account, I just need to see some sample’s of your writing online). For commercial travel companies looking to post articles or content on any of my websites, you should redirect to my Advertise Here page.

If you are interested in guest posting on any of my sites, please send an email at, with the subject “Guest Post”.

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