Carnevale di Venezia (Venice Carnival)

Today’s post was written by Miss Moci

If you are planning to travel to Italy soon, I highly recommend you take the opportunity to experience Carnival in Venice. The best way to experience the Carnevale di Venezia is to book a Venice apartment, and experience the Carnival in it’s entirety.

At the end of February into March many countries celebrate Carnival. Although these festivities have their origin in the Roman Catholic faith, the church would be the last thing on my mind when I, for instance, think of the samba dancers in Brazil wearing next to nothing during the Carnival parades on the street. Due to the temperatures in most European countries during this period you won’t see many outfits that are that revealing (Sorry boys!) but the typical Carnival celebrations everywhere include dressing up, street parades, and masquerades.

The Carnival celebrations emerged out of Lent – the fasting period before Easter – as sort of a “going out with a bang” party right before the big abstinence. Whole communities got together for one last big party, because you had to get rid of all the rich foods somehow before they go bad.

Today some of the most popular Carnival celebrations in Europe include the Carnival in Cologne, Germany, Sitges (close to Barcelona, Spain) and Venice, Italy.

In fact, the Carnival in Venice or Carnevale di Venezia has been the most famous one of the celebrations and was recorded since the 13th century.

A hallmark not only for the Venetian Carnival season but also for the city itself, are certainly the distinctive Venetian Carnival masks.

The main characteristics of the masks (which are mostly made of glass or porcelain) are their elaborate design, the complex decorations and the bright colors. There are different types of masks depending on how much it reveals of your face, amongst which the most common on worn during the Carnival season is the bauta.

In the past Carnival was also an opportunity for people of all social statuses to come together to celebrate. With their faces hidden behind masks people are liberated from their social class and inhibitions. Nowadays, the Carnival attracts tourists from all over the world and during this time the city of canals gets even more iconic and magical (if this is even possible).

The big inauguration of this year’s Carnevale di Venezia was on the 19th and 20th of February. But the main celebrations will take place from the 26th of February until the 8th of March. The city has organized an elaborate programme. It’s also important to book your accommodation early during this period, as everything fills up very fast during the Carnival. So whether you are looking for apartments in Venice, or something else, be sure to book early!

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