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Win a £250 voucher for a London 5 Star Hotel

Please note: This competition is now closed, and the winner has been contacted. Are you travelling to London anytime in the next 6 months? You can win a £250 voucher to be used in any 5 star Grange Hotel in London, in a competition brought to you by Grange Hotels central london hotels and Green […]

Why are some hotels lacking in service compared to hostels?

I recently did something I never normally do. I went to a resort and stayed in a hotel. My reason for going to a resort for a few days was to visit my parents while they were on holiday in Spain. I was already in the country, in a city nearby, so it seemed to make sense […]

Tips for getting discounted accommodation anywhere in the world!

Accommodation is your biggest expense after transport when you’re travelling anywhere in the world. It’s therefore important when you’re on a budget to get the cheapest price possible for what you want. The more money you save on accommodation, the more money you will have to either a) prolong your travels, or b) use as […]

Vlog – The Downsides of Backpacker Hostel Dorm Rooms

I love hostels! They are my 1st choice of accommodation anywhere out on the road, but when you’re sharing a dorm room with a bunch of other backpackers you’ve probably never met before, there can be some inevitable downsides. Whether it’s people getting it on in the top bunk, snorers, or big smelly boys… nothing […]

How to find the cheapest hotels in Edinburgh

As the most visited city in Britain after London, many budget travellers descend on Edinburgh every year looking for cheap accommodation and hotel deals all year round. Being such a popular city however, finding cheap Edinburgh hotels can be hard as prices naturally reflect the demand. So how do you find the best deal, and […]

What makes a good hostel dorm room?

After writing recently about what makes a good hostel common room, I was asked by a reader in the comments section to continue on my theme of “what makes a good hostel…” I thought it was a great idea! A quality hostel certainly does not stop at having a social & atmospheric common room! A hostel needs to cover all bases in order to […]

Vblog – How get free accommodation on a RTW trip!

Play the video to find tips on how to get free accommodation on a round the world (RTW) trip!

What makes a good hostel common room?

Last year (2011) I visited 17 countries. Other than a few nights staying with friends, and one month renting a flat in Seville, I stayed in backpacker hostels the entire time. In fact, since I took my first backpacking adventure in 2006 I’ve by enlarge stayed in hostels throughout the entirety of my travels. In that time I’ve experienced […]

Roomorama – An accommodation tool for the global traveller

In the past I’ve always professed my love for backpacker hostels. They’re cheap, provide a social atmosphere, and are a good place for a solo backpacker to meet other people, but a hostel is not for everyone…. There are a lot of people out there who think the idea of sharing a dorm room with a bunch […]

How to get free accommodation that’s not Couch Surfing or WWOOFing

Every time I read a blog post somewhere about free accommodation, it almost always mention Couch Surfing, or WWOOFing. Both are fantastic services, but I sometimes feel like – haven’t we already heard of these services already? Also, what if neither of these options quite suit your style of travel? Or maybe they do, but you just can’t […]