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How To Save On Accommodation As A Study Abroad Student

By Isabel Eva Bohrer in association with As a study abroad student, one of the most significant expenses you will have will be accommodation. From home stays to shared apartments to student residences and hostels, there are numerous options for you to choose from. Before you select your preference, consider the following factors to […]

Need a good place to stay in Barcelona?

As part of my Inter Rail journey through Europe that I am currently on, I stayed at a really good hostel called Sant Jordi. “Sant Jordi Alberg” to be exact, as there are 6 Sant Jordi hostels in Barcelona. I don’t usually write a post completely dedicated to one hostel, but seeing as Barcelona is one […]

Top 5 Hostel Chains In Europe

In my travels through Europe over the past 8 months, and the jaunts I have taken through this continent, I have stayed in A LOT of hostels! Most of these have been small, independents, as I generally find that indie hostels have the best atmosphere. Now and again though, I come across a hostel chain that manages to combine […]

Top 10 Things To Look For In A Hostel

When I first started travelling back in 2006, sometimes finding a good hostel was a bit like pot luck. I didn’t know what to look for, the reviews were often conflicting, and it was hard to decide over price vs location. It’s only through travel experience however, having stayed in 100+ hostels around the world, […]

Living as a local Vs Living as a backpacker

I just recently moved into a flat share in Sevilla city centre, while I am based here to learn Spanish. I must admit, after travelling for 5.5 out of the last 7 months, staying in hostels the entire time, it has been a great relief to get my own private room for a change! There […]

Are hostels the best option for backpackers travelling as a group?

As a solo traveller, staying in a hostel is good for me for two reasons, they are cheaper than a hotel room, and they are a better place to meet new people. If I pay for one bed in a 14 bed hostel dorm in Sevilla for instance, it costs me around €10 – €11 […]

How to find cheap accommodation in London

Today’s guest post is by Paul Joseph. Paul is a London-based writer and author. He is currently penning a nostalgic book on his home city called “Vanishing London”. He also works for, offering London hotels near train stations. Anyone who’s visited London will testify that it’s not a cheap city. Food, tube travel, and entrance prices […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Living In A Hostel

One thing I love about staying in backpacker hostels is the amazing atmosphere and people you meet. It has to be said though; there can be some definite downsides if you happen to get stuck in a room with someone who clearly doesn’t appreciate that they are sharing a dorm room with other people! I’m […]

Top 5 Tips To Finding Cheap Accommodation

One of the biggest dents into a traveler’s budget is often the price of accommodation. There are some methods and websites that can be used however, to make finding cheap or even free accommodation while out on the road. Below I have listed my top 5 ways of finding cheap accommodation for independent travelers. Look […]

How To Pick A Good Hostel

There are several key factors to picking a great hostel. Having stayed in so many of them over the last 3 and a half years, I have managed to come up with a good check list of things which will help you pick a good hostel and great place to stay. One of the most […]