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How to survive the souks of Marrakech!

For those of you who don’t know, the souks (markets) of Marrakech are situated right in the heart of the Medina (the area inside of the main wall), in a part of Marrakech that no cars or public transportation can fit up. You either have to walk or scoot about on a motorbike to make your way around, […]

Top 3 Walking With Wildlife Experiences

  Today’s post was brought to you by the team at There are some incredible places in Africa where you get more for your money than simply experiencing the wildlife from the back of a landrover. From being guided through the bush by elephants, to sharing the breakfast table with giraffes, here are our top picks […]

Discovering Zimbabwe

By Guy Arnold My destination Zimbabwe is, for some, a backpacker’s dream. It’s got all you could want: vast expanses of countryside, dramatic waterfalls and beautiful wildlife. Its climate may be a little overbearing for some so, if you’re planning a visit, pack sun cream by the bucket-load. Light clothes would also be a logical […]

How to make the most of your trip to Namibia

Today’s post was written by Femke Gow. Namibia, Africa, is located on the south-west coast and stretches across a vast landscape of natural beauty. The Etosha National Park is found within Namibia’s borders and is home to a number of elephants who stroll around the shrubs and grassy plains located here. These animals have gradually […]

Has the internet changed the world?

Like many people recently, I have been watching the current events that have been taking place across the Middle East and North Africa with both interest and concern. Having just completed a jaunt around parts of Eastern Europe recently, and learning a little bit about it’s history, there seems to be so many parallels between […]

Mosters of the deep: Diving with sharks in Cape Town, South Africa

Today’s post was written by Jack Jones. Jack is a freelance travel writer who has travelled extensively throughout Australia, Asia and Europe. Two days ago I presumed monsters were about as real as Father Christmas, or the bogey man, or the Easter Bunny. Turns out I was wrong. Scientists know about them – they’ve even […]

A Day in Mtwapa, Kenya

Today’s guest post is by Isabella Rose – an enthusiastic traveler with a love for adventure. To me, Kenya was an unknown location, scarcely making a mark on my travelling map. The little that I did know of Kenya had come from Disney’s Lion King and Obama’s autobiography ‘Dreams From My Father’, painting a picture […]

5 Tips For Stowing Away On The Iron Ore Train – Mauritania

Today’s guest post is by Benny from Amateurs In Africa. Benny and Harty are two crazy ozzies, currently backpacking overland through West Africa in a bid to reach South Africa in time for the World Cup. Here, Benny gives his top tips for traveling the Iron Ore Train in Mauritania, one of the most epic […]