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Things I’ve taken from each place I visit…

Every place you visit you take something from it. It could be a cherished memory, a lesson learned, or just a simple memento that you keep stuck to your bedroom wall. It can be something physical, or something more metaphoric. It may even be that guy you married 8 years on, or the girl you […]

Changing my travel style…

One of the things I love about travel is that there are so many different styles to choose from. Some even over lap, and many are much more specific than just the loosely termed backpacker or luxury traveller. You have long term travellers, business travellers, digital nomads, flashpackers, budget backpackers, WWOOFers, volunteers, eco-travellers, country & continent […]

10 Travel Blogs To Watch In 2012

After reflecting upon my 2011 in the last post, I thought I would take this opportunity, and first post of the new year, to focus on others. With that in mind I wanted to share a bit link love, and list some of the travel bloggers I think will do well in 2012. Some may already be […]

What happened in 2011…

I began earning a full-time living from blogging In January 2011 I set off on my travels full-time. 2010 had been spent mainly building this blog up, so to finally be able to achieve a long term goal, travel full-time, and continue improving on this blog, it was the best thing about 2011 for me. […]

Home for Christmas

I’ve spent Christmas away from home in the past as part of my travels, and although an interesting experience, I must admit I’m happy to be home this year for the festivities. It’s at times like these that you have time to reflect on what’s important to you most. I’m not a religious person in […]

How to pick the right type of travel insurance for your trip

With the new year coming up, I always notice people around this time of year either heading out on their Gap Year/career break, or making travel related resolutions to head out on that trip of a lifetime they’ve always been dreaming of. Sometimes in the excitement of planning or thinking about your upcoming trip it […]

Looking to make money for your upcoming travels?

If you’re reading this and looking to make some money to add to your travel funds and you have a travel blog, then I’d like to invite you to become an affiliate for my new book – How to travel the world for free (using your blog). Affiliates receive 50% commission of every sale they […]

Frustrations of a travel blogger

The internet moves fast, but big business it seems moves slow (at least that’s how it feels to me sometimes.) We just have to look at something like the music industry to see how big corporations, and major record companies go dragging their feet at any change of format when it comes to how people […]

The story of how I became a full-time travel blogger

When I think about how much travel I have done this past year, I have to pinch myself sometimes. Not about the fact that I have been travelling so much, but that all of my travels since I started this blog have been paid for through money I have earned from Runaway Jane. I don’t say this to boast. […]

Where do you call home?

Today feels very good. I decided to change my flight to come back to Madrid two days early. It cost me an extra 80 Euros, but to be honest, I couldn’t be happier. Sometimes it’s worth spending more for a bit of happiness. I really liked Bucharest a lot. In fact, I found Eastern Europe […]