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First Impressions of La Paz (Bolivia)

It’s funny. Before I arrived in Bolivia I was almost certain that I would love La Paz and that Sucre, one of Bolivia’s other large(r) cities, would not really be my ‘cup of tea’. In actual fact it turned out to be the exact opposite! That said, I still found many worthwhile things that made La Paz quite […]

First Impressions of Copacabana / Lake Titicaca (Bolivia)

If you’re travelling from Bolivia to Peru by land you may as well make a stop over in the Bolivian city of Copacabana. A) It’s right by the border so naturally makes a good stop off (for example in-between say La Paz and Arequipa or Cusco), and B) Lake Titicaca, the lake which the city […]

A guide to touring the mines of Cerro Rico in Potosi, Bolivia

As someone who usually hates the use of the term ‘must see’ in travel publications, I’ve been using it a lot lately in reference to Bolivia. If it’s not the undeniable natural beauty of this country that gets me started, it’s an enthralling conversation about the current economic situation Bolivians are facing, or a look into the country’s deep (and often […]

The Bolivian Salt Flats in Pictures

Sometimes it’s easier to just show you how amazing a place is rather than tell you about it. For that reason I thought I’d share with you some of my pictures from the last 4 days in the Bolivian Salt Flats. Whilst I hate describing places as ‘must see’ destinations, I think I will make […]

10 Reasons Why Sucre (Bolivia) is Awesome!

I’ve been in the Bolivian city of Sucre now for almost 2 weeks and (will sadly) be departing today. The place is awesome! So much so that I wanted to write an article detailing exactly what is so awesome about it, so that if you’re coming to Bolivia you don’t miss it out of your itinerary! $6 an hour private Spanish […]

A guide to crossing the Argentine / Bolivian border (by land)

Photo credit; alpertron I’d been told a lot of things about the border crossing between Argentina and Bolivia before I crossed it last week. A lot of people were keen on talking horror stories, but in actual fact the experience turned out to be pretty straight forward, if just a bit long and tedious because of […]

First Impressions of Salta (Argentina)

Prior to my arrival in Bolivia I visited the city of Salta in Argentina. Unfortunately, due to a mix up in my travel dates I only had 1.5 days there instead of the 4 I had previously planned. This meant I didn’t have time to get outside of the city and view the nearby countryside (which I’ve […]

First Impressions of Mendoza (Argentina)

A few weeks ago I visited the Argentine city of Mendoza, close to Argentina’s border with Chile. I was there for 4 days in total. As I’ve always said with these type of ‘first impression’ style posts, when you’ve only been in a city for 4 days it’s impossible to really get to know a place on anything […]

5 Things You Should Know If You’re Coming To Bolivia

Whilst Bolivia has so far not been as difficult to travel in as I previously thought it would be, there have definitively been some eye-opener moments already since I arrived here (just 3 days ago). Electricity is not 24 hours here This one kind of astounded me. Electricity is not 24 hours in Bolivia. It is regularly […]

Is it worth buying the South Pass for Argentina?

With South America having a complete lack of affordable flights and an extensive rail network being almost non-existent, the best way to travel by public transport (long distance) in the continent is by bus. This is none more so than in Argentina. Argentina is huge and thankfully they also know how to do long distance travel by bus very well, as […]