Did you know that 3.5 million people die every year from a water related disease?

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Photo credit: Josh Etsy / Care International

Did you know that approximately 3.5 million people die every year from water, sanitation or hygiene-related causes, and that nearly 99 percent of those deaths occur in the developing world?

With the above facts in mind I’ve decided to do a charity walk in March 2015 under the Walk in Her Shoes movement with Care International. The aim of the project is primarily to provide clean running water and sanitation to communities who need it, but it also tackles a key problem in education.

Often in the communities without clean running water, young females have to walk for miles each day in order to fetch water from a far away water source. Often these girls can be as young as 6 or 7 years of age, and the water source they go to is not always clean either. The time they spend walking for water each day is time spent out of school. In fact, many have to walk so far for water that there is simply no time whatsoever to attend school and get an education. This means that they are much more likely to continue a life of poverty in the future because they will not have the basic education required to seek work when they’re older.

walk in her shoes logoWalk in Her Shoes is timed to coincide with International Women’s Day. The challenge is to walk 10,000 steps per day for 1 week in March in order to:

A) gain an insight into what these young girls and women go through on a daily basis, and

B) raise money through sponsorship that will help provide these women and their communities with the clean running water that they need to survive, therefore enabling them the time to gain an education in the process.

For example, just £100 is enough to fund a class of school children with water and sanitation for 2 whole years!

£1500 would enable a well to be built near a community, providing them with an abundance of clean running water nearby, reducing their daily walk for water considerably. I therefore ask that you donate to my challenge!

I’ve set up a donation page at https://walkinhershoes.everydayhero.com/uk/runawayjane.

The initial aim is to make it to £100 (we’re already half way there at the time of writing this!) However, my big aim would be to hit that £1500 target to fund a well to be built for an entire community. If you would donate anything at all it would be greatly appreciated – no matter how small your donation!

For anyone who donates I’m also happy to share your own charity pages across my social networks (e.g. to my 13,300 twitter followers) should you be involved in any or indeed should you decide to do the Walk in Her Shoes campaign yourself!

For more information about the Walk in Her Shoes campaign and/or if you’d like to do the charity walk too, you can go here. I don’t usually ask you to part with your money or indeed do anything, but if you could please share this blog post across your social media networks I would also be very grateful!

5 Responses to “Did you know that 3.5 million people die every year from a water related disease?”

  1. Claire says:

    Awesome Jane!

  2. Tina says:

    My hat’s off to you Jane.. That was great..

  3. Rahel says:

    Great article! You’re so inspiring! It’s really sad what happens to these people and it’s beautiful to see someone who cares about them. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Katie says:

    It’s shameful that this is still going on in the 21st century … hope your fundraising efforts go great!

  5. Meghan says:

    Things need to change in this world, considering that the 1% could give a tiny segment of their wealth and wipe out this outrage forever! The wealthy can and are constantly making more money, all we need is a one time investment to ensure all people have access to water that won’t sicken and kill them!


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