First Impressions of Copacabana / Lake Titicaca (Bolivia)

If you’re travelling from Bolivia to Peru by land you may as well make a stop over in the Bolivian city of Copacabana.

A) It’s right by the border so naturally makes a good stop off (for example in-between say La Paz and Arequipa or Cusco),

and B) Lake Titicaca, the lake which the city rests on, is stunning.

Inland beachside vibe


Copacabana is the closest thing you’ll get to a beach side town in Bolivia. With the country of course being land locked, Lake Titicaca is the closest place for both locals and tourists alike to be by the waterside and indulge in things like fresh seafood. Even the lakeside bars all have a beachside vibe to them. Bright colours, great views, and reggae music playing just about everywhere in the background. It was certainly a relaxing place to be having come straight from the hustle and bustle of La Paz.

Isla del Sol

view from isla del sol lake titicaca

You can’t come to Copacabana and not take at least half a day to see the Isla del Sol. If you’re into hiking you’ll probably want to take a few days, book a hostel on the island, and take your time. The views from atop the Isla del Sol were definitely a highlight of the trip, especially if you’ve been city hopping for a while you will appreciate this even more. Word of warning though; if you’re planning on staying on the island be prepared to humph your backpack up at least 200 stairs (or pay a local to do it!)

Super cheap accommodation (with stunning views)


I remember being dropped off outside a lake side hotel, looking up at it, and thinking “surely this can’t be my hotel?” The reason was I’d been promised a private room with en-suite for 50 Bolivianos (£4.48 / $7.24 / €5.38) per night. When I looked up my hotel though it looked far too nice for this price, especially given that it was right on the lake and had incredible views of Lake Titicaca from the window. It turns out accommodation in Copacabana is just super cheap! If I’d have arrived here without a recommendation I’d have been walking along to hostels or places that didn’t look so good assuming they would be much cheaper. However, most were only 10 or 20 Bolivianos less per night to share a room with other people. Here I had a spotlessly clean hotel (Hotel Mirador), my own room, en-suite shower, breakfast included, and some of the best views you’ll get in the town for a mere Euro or 2 more per night. It was in large part why I decided to extend for 3 days instead of 2 here in Copacabana, knowing I would soon be in another big city in Peru afterwards without such a peaceful setting.

3 Responses to “First Impressions of Copacabana / Lake Titicaca (Bolivia)”

  1. Arianwen says:

    I loved Lake Titicaca. It’s so beautiful. I did a homestay on Amantani and the host family were some of the loveliest people I’ve ever met!

  2. eyeandpen says:

    The pictures are simply beautiful. This is a place that I would love to wake up early just to view the magnificent sun rises.


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