First Impressions of Florence

I recently spent some time in Florence as part of my PLUS Hostels trip that I’m doing at the moment. I’ll be telling you lots more about my work with PLUS in the coming days, but before I tell you about that, these were my first impressions of Florence;


Florence is a pretty city. Even the name sounds pretty. The architecture here is jaw-dropping. The Duomo, one of the highlights of Florence had huge queues outside just to get in, but to be honest, I was happy sitting outside just marvelling at the exterior of the building. Florence really is an architectural gem. I literally spent a whole day here just wandering around, looking at the buildings, taking pictures, and just allowing it all to seep in. Simply beautiful.

A city of historical importance

Florence was the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. This meant that it was the most important city in Europe for over 250 years – politically, economically, and culturally – up until the early 1500’s. For those of you into history, Florence is a treasure trove for you…

Tourist queues and prices…

Florence is by no means off the beaten path. It’s very much on it, and as such you can expect to pay tourist prices and queue at every attraction you will find. A lot of the famous Italian cities are like this unfortunately, as I mentioned in my post about Rome, but sometimes you have to accept that if you want to visit a city of such historical importance, it’s hardly going to be hidden away. Try not to let yourself get put off by that though, as I really think Florence is a great city for a full day of sight seeing.

Darker alleys…

I was wandering around by the tourist zone and decided to take another street that looked a bit more interesting. Within a few minutes I knew I was in a murkier side of town. It was interesting to take a walk down the darker side of Florence, because it makes you realise that just like anywhere, no matter how gleaming on the outside it may be there is always another side to a story. I feel as travellers it’s important to look for it, because without it we are left with a false sense of the place we are in.

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  1. I thought Florence was nicer than Rome, more manageable and some of the towns that surround it are really beautiful.

    • Jane says:

      I agree Jeremy! Much more easy to potter about. I was just there for a few days for work so I never got a chance to venture outside of Florence itself, but I will need to next time…


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