Frustrations of a travel blogger

The internet moves fast, but big business it seems moves slow (at least that’s how it feels to me sometimes.) We just have to look at something like the music industry to see how big corporations, and major record companies go dragging their feet at any change of format when it comes to how people listen to and purchase music. The travel industry is not much different.

People in big business can be so scared sometimes to change from a format that makes or has made them so much money in the past, that they forget to remember that the key to success is change. They lose the qualities that made them successful in the first place, and fail to capture opportunities until some new start up goes and does it instead. By this point they are just hopping on the bandwagon trying to catch up, and often coming across as out of touch in the process.

As a blogger I feel this constant frustration. It’s like a waiting game. I can see the benefits that every business could have with their own blog (and by blog I mean run by someone who actually knows the techniques to create a readership, and can genuinely write good, regular content), but it’s only very slowly that the travel industry is waking up to this. It’s like the first drips before a dam is about to break. I feel like I’m just waiting on that dam to break sometimes, treading water in the mean time.

I find it refreshing to meet other bloggers such as myself. They just get what I’m saying without me ever having to explain it. If a travel company can create unique and interesting content regularly on it’s blog, it starts to build a readership, credibility, and builds on it’s brand of offering quality travel experiences. It also just brings people to their website. People come on to read an interesting article, or view a stunning travel pic, and there lies the opportunity to convert that person into a paying customer too. Aside from that, content creation is also good for search engine rankings, and rating in key words. I could go on and on…

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I started my blog from nothing. My reach into the travel world is ten fold what it was when I first started, but seeing as I started from so little, in the grand scale of things I’m still a small fish in a very big sea. That is a reality, and it would be silly of me to try convince myself otherwise. However, if you take the amplification that I’ve had, and use that percentage on an established travel company who already have a platform for themselves… a blog, and authentic social media campaign could really catapult them into something much more huge.

Sometimes you just wish you could open people’s eye’s for them, but I guess we all just have to learn in our own time.

Rant over.

3 Responses to “Frustrations of a travel blogger”

  1. Hey Jane,

    I can really sense and appreciate your frustration in this post. Travel blogging is still massively unappreciated and it seems really only a few have capitalized on monetizing to a significant point. I think though, as you’ve mentioned, things will change in the future and the hard-work we’ve been putting in as bloggers will be rewarded to those who have skills in writing or multimedia projects.

  2. It’s funny because I just took part in a forum that talked about this issue. We’ll wear them down eventually, but is definitely frustrating.

  3. Agreed…I get so much pleasure when I run across say, a hotel, that has an active blog. It always seems to be the little guys too…


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