Home for Christmas

I’ve spent Christmas away from home in the past as part of my travels, and although an interesting experience, I must admit I’m happy to be home this year for the festivities.

It’s at times like these that you have time to reflect on what’s important to you most. I’m not a religious person in any way, shape, or form, but Christmas is always one of my favourite times of year. As a teenager it was because I got lot’s of presents. As an adult, and as a traveller, it’s because I get to see all the people I love, and have missed over the course of the year because I’ve been travelling.

Without travel I may not have this perspective. I would probably still have been a spoilt brat moaning over which of my brothers got more presents than me. This is why I feel it’s important for everyone at some point in their lives to spend at least one Christmas away from home.

For me, my first Christmas away from was home was in Australia. I spent Xmas day in 2006 eating Cous Cous (my friends were vegetarian) in summer sunshine, in the middle of Sydney’s uber cool Newtown district. Any other day of the year and I would have loved it, but to me it just didn’t feel like Christmas. I had a really nice day, but it felt like a random day in summer. So much so that I asked my mum to have Christmas dinner ready for me upon my return… during the height of the British summer some 4 or 5 months later! Ever since I have made a point of being home in time for Christmas. Nowhere else in the world for me can replace that time of year, or the fun I have at home during Christmas… even if I’m not really doing much at all. It really is like no other time of year.

So… while I spend the festive period at home with my family & friends, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas wherever in the world you are.

– If you do want to go away for Christmas this year though, and can’t decide where, have a look at my Top 10 Places To Spend Xmas.

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  1. Merry Christmas to you Jane!! Hope you had a great one! Ah, I miss my family..


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