How do you remember your travels?

Typically, the way people look back on their past travels is by looking through old travel pics. Often you find when looking at a photo your memory surges back to that moment, and you remember things that you had completely forgotten about that make you laugh, smile, or in some cases cry! Are there other ways of keeping a reminder of your past travels however, other than the usual way? My personal favourite is to keep a travel sketchbook, but what are the others?


For those daring enough to scar their body permanently, a route many people take to remember their travels is by getting a tattoo! As someone who has never (yet) had a tattoo, I was very tempted to get on whilst on my first trip in Australia. The initial thought was to get one for every country I travelled to, but after deciding to be a travel writer, in a way I’m glad I didn’t, because I’d have to fill a lot of my body! Many of my friends however have gotten tattoos to remind them of some of the places they loved. Whether it’s a country outline, flag, some lines of Arabic or another foreign language, many people love the permanent aspect of a tattoo, because it’s with you forever; A permanent reminder of a time in your life.


For those of you like me, and a bit too chicken to get a tattoo, it seems piercings are the next best thing! I got an eye-brow piercing back on my first trip to oz after thoughts of a tattoo went out the window. It was a cool reminder to my trip, but eventually like all piercings in that area you have to take them out. Also, anyone who’s seen my baby face knows me and facial piercings should never be mixed! Piercings aren’t permanent like tattoos so you loose that permanency which is what all reminders should have, but they can be cool for some people, and if you have the face or body to suit them then it can be nice reminder for while. Although I do have a little scar on my eye-brow now so I guess that does count as permanent, just not in the way that I’d planned!


Many travellers like to pick up little keep sakes from each place that they go. Keep sakes have the advantage in that they can be completely anything; it’s just whatever is personal to you and provides you with a little reminder. It could be something you’ve bought from a local market stall, a postcard, something hand made, or something you’ve stolen from the local bar! Usually, it’s something small enough to fit in your luggage quite easily, and it could be a collection of things or just random bits and bobs from each country.


One of the best reminders of a fantastic trip is to go visit the people you travelled with, or met a long the way. If you all come from the same country, or near by, then you could arrange a re-union. For me, it is often the people I am with or make friends with a long the way which can make or break a trip. Solo travel is great, and the way I prefer to travel right now, but it would be nothing without all the awesome people I meet while I’m away. Meeting up with past travel buddies can be a great way of catching up on good times, and a fun way to remember times that will remain special in your heart. You could even make another trip out of it, by going somewhere new with your old friends.

Return Visit

Sometimes nothing will do except to return to that place you fell in love with. If you reach this point then you know you’ve been bitten hard by a place. Sometimes when you return to a place, it is never as good as the first time you were there. Other times however, it is everything you knew it would be. It’s important not to expect too much however if you make a return visit somewhere as a reminder of a time in the past. It’s important to go there looking to the future, not the past.

Sometimes we all need reminders of past trips, particularly during those times when we are not travelling. It’s nice to have reminders, whilst also looking towards the future. So how do you remember your travels?

4 Responses to “How do you remember your travels?”

  1. Rebecca says:

    Pictures and music. I love hearing new music when I travel so once I have returned, if I hear a certain song, it brings me right back where I was the first time I heard it!

  2. Nancie says:

    I don’t buy a lot of souvenirs when I travel. However, over the years I have picked up salad serving sets (you know the large spoon and forks). Sounds weird, but I do have some beautiful sets. Quite often the design is unique to the area or it can be the material. 🙂

  3. Gillian says:

    On our 1 year trip it was impossible to bring something from everywhere. I did pick up maybe 1/2 dozen things that were representative of the country or region we visited (eg…a Turkish carpet). My blog was/is my journal. We love food and being home now and trying to recreate recipes is a great way to fondly remember where we have been.

  4. Remembering my travels is the reason I started my blog. I never really thought about blogging until I went to Australia, and someone I talked to suggested I post some stories and photos in a blog. And then it all grew out of control from there …

    I also like to pick up sports jerseys from each country I visit … preferably rugby or soccer. I have a funny habit of trying to get t-shirts from unusual airlines from each country, too, like Tropic Air in Belize.


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