I’ve started a new travel blog all about Scotland!

After a long hiatus from blogging, I’m very pleased to announce that I’ve decided to come back into the travel blogging world and I am launching a new site all about Scotland called Travels in Caledonia! There are only around 5 posts on the blog at the moment, but I do plan to upload lots more content in the coming days, weeks and months all about my home country! So please do check it out!

Where did Runaway Jane run off to?

For those of you wondering where I disappeared to these past 3 or 4 years, I wanted to take some time out to become a mature student and get my degree, having never actually took the time as a younger adult to go and get it. I also had to take a wee bit of time out in between to recover from illness, which meant the degree took a little longer than planned. Thankfully, feeling better now, I should graduate this summer (2020) with what will hopefully be a 1st Class Honours. Hurrah!

Will Runaway Jane still exist?

I did really think about keeping Runaway Jane going, and the blog will always survive in archived format, but in terms of writing new content for it I think this will probably be my last blog post on here. The main reason is just simply that I’m no longer travelling around the world anymore on a regular basis. With this site being a round-the-world style blog, it just didn’t make sense to write purely about where I’m living and travelling now in Scotland. Starting another blog seemed more apt to write entirely about one country. Who knows though, maybe one day I might come back to it if I ever take another round-the-world style trip, but given that I have an actual brick house now of my own and I’m no longer really a nomad, for now at least Runaway Jane is very much on the back burner.

Becoming more of a hobby blogger…

For those of you also wondering if I’ll ever be blogging professionally again, well, I’ve decided to keep working in digital marketing beyond my degree, but more than likely it will be for other companies than my own. That’s not to say I won’t be making a wee bit of side income from TravelsinCaledonia.com occasionally or from any other wee blogs or sites I launch. However, I’m primarily just doing it as a hobby now. I’m blogging first and foremost because I want to and for no other reason.

Thank you for reading my blog!

So with this being what is most likely my last ever blog post on RunawayJane.com, I would just like to thank you and anyone who has ever read this blog! If it wasn’t for the people reading and following what I did here, I wouldn’t have got to travel the world like I did for so many years or work as a full-time blogger for so long. It genuinely was a blast! So thank you and hopefully I’ll see you some day in Scotland!

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