Jumping On The Twitter Bandwagon!

I was late to join twitter. Infact, even when I did join, I was reluctant to use it! I treated it like I treat most new social networking sites, where I would sign up to stop recieving the email requests, add a couple of people, and then in most cases never use it again! However, it was when I started this website that I suddenly realised the network of other travelers and people like me out there who were already on twitter!

I could never have pre-empted how useful a tool sites like twitter could be. It was through it that I discovered the travel blogging community. Sites like Twitter in particular, and also facebook for a large part, have driven a huge percent of the traffic to a large percentage of travel blogs. If you can write a good post that people find interesting or useful they will tweet about it. It’s instant marketing and costs nothing, only difference is you are marketing your blog purely based on the quality of your content rather than on the budget you can afford to throw at it, something which can only be a good thing in my mind.

The best thing about twitter though, and social networking sites in general, is that you can build friendships and connections with other like minded people through it, a lot of whom you may even meet up with or bump into along your travels!  Twitter in particular allows you to have an instant conversation with someone half way across the world, and more often than not someone else will join in too. You can exchange tips and advice on everything from where to eat, where to stay, how to set up your blog or wordpress, and what the best plugins are. You can get the latest travel news from people experiencing it first hand, and in the last year in particular twitter has also been useful in emergency situations such as the disaters in Chile and Haiti, where people were able to alert family members of their safety when phone lines were down.

There are huge benefits to joining social networking sites as far as building traffc and even making business deals, but for me, as a strong believer in karma, it’s a great place to give and recieve tips and advice within the travel blogging community. It feels good to be able to help someone out who is or was in the same position as me at somepoint. Twitter and other sites like it are the new way forward in my mind. They give people a voice that can reach a global community in seconds. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that? Travelers by nature love meeting new people and social networking can introduce you to whole range and variety of people you may never have got to meet. It is quite simply priceless.

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