Premier Inn Newcastle Quayside Review

premier inn newcastle quayside

This past weekend I stayed at the Premier Inn Newcastle Quayside hotel. For those of you who may not know, the Premier Inn (formerly known as the Travel Inn), is the largest UK hotel brand with over 650 hotels and 50,000 rooms. They focus primarily on the budget end of the market, offering affordably priced hotels rooms across the UK. It is for that reason I was interested in reviewing the Premier Inn on this blog. In particular I wanted to look at the price and value for money aspect. Is the Premier Inn good value for money? Was the experience of staying at a Premier Inn hotel enjoyable? I’m glad to say I answered all of these questions over the weekend in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

How much does it cost to stay at the Premier Inn?

Ok, lets get the most important question out of the way! How much does it usually cost to stay at a Premier Inn? Also, how much does it cost to stay at the Newcastle Quayside Premier Inn branch that I stayed in?

Premier Inn rooms start from £29 per night. Potentially if two of you were sharing a room then for £14.50 per person per night you’ve got yourself a room for an incredibly affordable price in the UK. However, to get this price you usually need to book well in advance as they are more often than not advertised as ‘early bird’ deals. In my experience it also depends on the location of the Premier Inn hotel that you’re booking too. For example, these prices just don’t exist in central London locations, but you may still find that the Premier Inn is somewhat cheaper than a lot of other hotels in a similar central London location.

The Premier Inn very kindly provided me with my room in Newcastle for free in exchange for an honest review, however had I paid for this myself it would have cost £91 per night booked just a few days in advance. This was around £30 cheaper per night than other hotels within a 5 minute radius (walk) of the hotel booked at the same time.

What are the rooms like?

premier inn hotel room

The good thing about staying at any Premier Inn is that if you’ve stayed at one before in the UK then you’ll know exactly what to expect at the next one. In terms of décor and what you will get inside it’s by enlarge the same throughout all of their branches.

In a standard double Premier Inn room you’ll have a large and comfortable double bed, en-suit bathroom, a TV, some wardrobe space, wifi access in the room (costs £3 per day), a hairdryer, and a kettle to make the tea! All pretty standard stuff really! There are no extra bells and whistles in a Premier Inn hotel. For example, added extras like room service or dressing robes weren’t available, but there was a vending machine available 24 hours and you had things like a choice of pillow in your room! To be honest, as someone who prefers to travel on a budget I don’t really need all those extra frills that you may get in more expensive hotels. All I really want is a place to stay that is central, clean and cheap. The Premier Inn does that so for me this no-frills style hotel room was much more up my street. This is definitely the kind of hotel you should look at if you want service to a high standard but a no-frills style approach to facilities so as to keep the cost down for you as the customer.


premier inn breakfast

The breakfast was one of my favourite parts about staying at the Premier Inn. It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet costing £8.50 and has a good variety of foods to choose from. You’ll get everything from your traditional British fry-up style foods like sausage, egg, hash browns and bacon, to a large selection of fruits (both dried and fresh), yoghurt, cereal, toast, crumpets, tea/coffee, fruit juices etc. You can go up as many times as you like for further helpings so it’s particularly good value in this sense. As someone who likes to eat big in the morning rather than the evening this suited me to a tea. Also, if you’ve got a big journey or day ahead of you then it’s nice to be able to fill up before you go!

What was the service like?

The service at the Newcastle Quayside Premier Inn was excellent from both the reception and bar/restaurant staff when I was there. They were all very polite, friendly and helpful.


premier inn sign newcastle

My particular location last weekend on Newcastle’s Quayside was excellent. I had amazing riverside views right by the Tyne Bridge, I was close to everything in the city centre, walkable from The Cycle Hub where I took part in a 48km bike ride, and I was also very close to The Baltic & Sage Gateshead venues where I was attending a conference. However, there are also a variety of other Premier Inns to choose from around Newcastle if you’re ever in need of another location there.

In general, aside from the budget prices, one of the reasons the Premier Inn is so popular in the UK as a hotel chain is because of their locations. They have so many hotels across the country that you’ll almost always find one where you need it. This is particularly so in city centre locations across the UK. You’ll often have a variety of locations within each city to choose from as I did in Newcastle before I opted for the Quayside hotel.

– Overall I had a really good experience staying at the Newcastle Quayside Premier Inn (as I have done every time I’ve stayed at a Premier Inn in the past to be honest.) For me what I find is that even when you can’t get the cheaper £29 deals at the Premier Inn they’re still usually cheaper than everybody else of a similar stature in the same area. Newcastle Quayside is a prime example of that. For this reason I recommend them as a budget hotel option for almost any location in the UK.

If you would like to book a Premier Inn hotel or find out prices etc you can do so at

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  1. Sammi says:

    Stansted airport premier inn is usually £29 regardless 🙂 I stay there *a lot* as in, I should have my own room!

  2. What made you chose this one?

    • Jane Meighan says:

      The main reason was the Quayside location. It was incredibly beautiful, still in the city centre and close to the Sage conference venue which I was attending over that weekend for a travel blogging conference.


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