Primavera Sound Festival 2011, Barcelona

Today’s post was written by Miss Moci.

Barcelona is known as the cosmopolitan hub of Spain. Many of the most important museums and galleries of the country and even Europe are located here. Barcelona attracts artists from all disciplines, musicians and art lovers from all over the world. The offer of events in art and music is endless. Throughout the year there are tons of events to go to: exhibitions, concerts, gallery openings, recitals and festivals. As a logical consequence Barcelona is a city that is known for hosting some of the most important music festivals in Europe. Two of the biggest ones are certainly Sonar and Primavera Sound.

And because it is never too early to buy tickets for these popular festivals and the ticket sale for the Primavera Sound 2011 has just started we are going to talk a little bit about it.

Since the beginnings of its existence the Primavera Sound has established itself as one of the biggest music festivals in Spain. Last year more than 100 000 people attended. It was also the year of the 10th anniversary. This festival is known for its broad range of music as well as the showcasing of new national and international bands. However, the main genres heard at the festival are alternative electronic and pop, as well as independent rock and alternative rock.

The festival consists of the 3-day main event, with one additional days of concerts before and after. The main event will take place at the Parc del Fòrum, a leisure venue and leisure space right by the coast about 6km from the center of the city. The inauguration as well as the closing event will take place in the Poble Espanyol on Montjuïc mountain. The date for the complete event this year is May 25th until May 29th, 2011. So it’s important to book your Barcelona accommodation in time if you are planning on going.

Interesting to mention as well is the Primavera Club. An event in conjunction with the Primavera Sound that takes place in Barcelona and Madrid usually sometime in November with its focus (as the title indicates) on club sounds.

The programme and line-up as well as information on tickets have already been announced, but as it is common for music festivals last minute confirmations and/or cancellations can always occur. Some of the artists that have been confirmed so far are P.J. Harvey, Interpol and the Flaming Lips.

But the Primavera Sound should certainly not remain the only reason for you to visit Barcelona. Spend some extra days in Barcelona to explore this city. Visit the many museums and monuments. Take a stroll on the beach or in the Parc de la Ciutadella. You will have an amazing view over the city from Montjuïc or the Tibidabo. Needless to mention that the city doesn’t fall short of shopping opportunities for every budget.

After a long day of walking and exploring the city, go out for tapas or delicious seafood. At the end of the day you will get your deserved rest in Barcelona apartments. Enjoy!

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