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I’ve been on the lookout recently for an alternative international calling app after repeated reception and call quality issues with my usual port of call – Skype. I had also tried using the ‘old school’ international calling card method, but it was often a pain to find a shop that sold them where I am here in Bolivia, or I didn’t have access to a local phone I could use them on (you have to use them on a phone from the country in which you bought the card or you don’t get the price benefit.) I just needed something cheap and that I could also use from my mobile phone or computer. In the end I decided to give Rebtel a try – an international calling app with over 23 million users that offers cheap international calls. These were my thoughts on the service;

Straight forward set up

The only thing you need to register with Rebtel is a phone number. If you use your mobile/cell phone number you’ll be sent a text with a 4 digit code. That 4 digit code plus you phone number is essentially your login details. The app is also free to download from the Rebtel website. It’s pretty straight forward and simple. You can use if from any major smart phone, tablet, windows computer, or landline.

What does it cost?

To call a UK landline from Bolivia using my Rebtel app (registered to my UK mobile phone number) it cost approximately 1p per minute. To call a UK mobile/cell number using the app it would have cost me about 16p per minute. However, if I go onto the Rebtel website just now it tells me that a call to a landline in the UK using the app should cost me approximately 69p per minute? So my guess here is that it was less because I was calling a UK number logged in under my UK mobile phone number. So for example, if I was French and had registered a French mobile phone number on Rebtel and then called the UK, (I’m guessing) I would be charged at the 69p per minute rate instead of 1p per minute. However, if I was registered under a French number and was calling France it would probably be less. Regardless, you can check all the up to date prices at by just using the search engine on the homepage to type in which country you want to call.

The only thing that seemed to be particularly expensive with Rebtel was calling a mobile phone. However, this is generally the case across all international calling platforms. Calling a landline is always cheaper.

Free minutes

Rebtel is not a free to use service, however you can gain some free credit with them by inviting your friends to use the service via facebook or twitter. You’ll get a $5 credit for every friend that makes a payment.

Call Quality

I made a 30 minute call to the UK from Bolivia and had no issues with call quality in that time. Whilst call quality is something that needs to be judged over more than 1 call, I did already notice a difference from trying to use Skype earlier on in the day when I had to cancel my Skype call because the reception was so bad. It was the same internet connection that I was using, yet Rebtel was better.

For some reason ever since Microsoft took over Skype in 2011 I’ve found continuous issues with call quality and reception. I’m not sure the exact technical reasons behind this, but as someone who was a regular Skype user it has become frustrating just trying to make a simple call home. If you’re someone who has been experiencing similar problems then you may want to give Rebtel a try instead. So far they’ve been very good, and especially if you’re calling a landline it is very cheap.


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