Review of FeetUp Garden House, Barcelona

I recently stayed at FeetUp Garden House Hostel in Barcelona for 3 nights. These were my thoughts of the hostel:



I stayed in a private twin room at FeetUp Garden House. Whilst I would say the best part of this hostel is outside of the rooms (e.g. the garden, terrace and common rooms) my room was more than adequate. It was spotlessly clean, the bed was reasonably comfy and I even had my own wee balcony to sit out on.


feetup garden house map

The location of FeetUp Garden House is a bit far out of the city, however it’s only a 5 minute walk to the nearest metro station, so it was still easy enough to hop into town whenever you wanted. What I really think should be the selling point for this hostel in terms of location though is the fact that it’s situated in a locals area. The only foreign people I saw in the entire 3 days of being based up here were the people staying in the hostel. Everyone else that I met/saw outside in the street and the surrounding area was a local from Barcelona. It’s definitely a good place to be if you want to escape the tourist zones and get a feel for the local way of life. That and you’re a lot closer to the mountains – which is a nice change from the city centre if you’re fed up of the hustle and bustle.

Common Room(s)

20150121_152129 20150121_152134

The common areas are my favourite part of FeetUp Garden House Hostel. You can tell someone who knows about hostelling culture has created them. The gardens and the terrace were particularly inviting, although I probably didn’t use them as much as I would have normally because I was staying during the height of winter. However, during peak season I can imagine these outdoor areas being a really great place to hang out and meet other backpackers in, with the cosy common room by reception being best during winter. You are also unlikely to get this much space in a city centre hostel. If I ever manage to get the money together to start my own hostel, I hope I can get a property like this to create so many cool ‘hang out’ areas.

feetup terrace feetup garden

Service & Facilities


There’s pretty much everything you need here in terms of facilities; good Wi-Fi connection, decent kitchen, a laundry service, vending machine etc. The staff were also all really friendly & helpful and the place is cleaned everyday. In terms of service you really couldn’t ask for more. I have no complaints.


Booking on their website directly ( current prices for a bed in the 9-bed dorm are €9.90 per night.  For the twin room (with bunk beds) like I was in, it’s around €28 a night.

– In summary, I’d say this is definitely a good place for backpackers looking to stay put in Barcelona for a while, see the mountains and/or experience an area more frequented by locals Catalans. If you’re looking for somewhere cheap & cheerful with a chilled out vibe – this is it.

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  1. Claire says:

    I like the sound of it being in a locals area! If I come to Barcelona I think I will check this place out!

  2. Tina says:

    Looks like a nice place to stay. Great review. Thanks a lot.


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