Roomorama – An accommodation tool for the global traveller

In the past I’ve always professed my love for backpacker hostels. They’re cheap, provide a social atmosphere, and are a good place for a solo backpacker to meet other people, but a hostel is not for everyone…. There are a lot of people out there who think the idea of sharing a dorm room with a bunch of people they’ve never met is not what they want from their travels! I completely understand. One type of accommodation definitely does not suit all.

So how do you travel on a budget around the world without staying in a hostel? Hotels can be expensive, and even if you would consider a backpacker hostel, what if they’re all full in the location that you want? What if it’s a country like the USA which doesn’t have a culture of backpacker hostels, and therefore you are unlikely to find one where you are? What if you are travelling as a group or a couple, and paying prices by the bed instead of by the room will make a hostel more expensive?

There are always occasions when we need alternatives in life. Having more choices allows us to make the best decisions to suit ourselves and what is best for our travels. For those people who may have asked themselves the questions above, or don’t necessarily fit the hosteling budget backpacker mould, then you may be interested to hear about Roomorama.

A variety of destinations to choose from worldwide

One of the things which I think positions Roomorama well for catering to the RTW (Round The World) backpacker is that they have such a large variety of properties listed around the world. Whether you want to stay in Buenos Aires or near Buckingham Palace, near a beach, in a country retreat, or in a big city location, there is a lot of variety to choose from.

Prices to suit most budgets

I recently spent 5 nights in London using a room I found on Roomorama. London in particular offered prices for a little as 25 GBP per night for a room outside the metro area, to as much as 975 GBP per night for a plush 3 bedroom apartment in the middle of Mayfair.

The place I stayed at was in Zone 2 near East Acton station, and only cost 42 GBP per night. It was clean, had cable TV, private bathroom, private kitchen facilities, and a free basic breakfast each morning. I had everything I needed in a central location at an affordable price. I am also just 1 person. The room was able to accommodate 2 people. If you are staying somewhere like I was then you could potentially pay just 21 GBP per night sharing with another person. I thought this was a really good deal for such an accessible location of London, albeit off season.

(Please note: Roomorama gave me a credit to use for the purpose of this review, i.e. I stayed for free. Like any review I do on here, be it my 1 month Inter Rail journey, or my tour of Scotland with Haggis Adventures, I am always honest. I would genuinely use Roomorama as a customer in the future.)

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  1. Jakori says:

    This looks like a great site. I will take a little more in depth look into it and may use it when I book my accommodations.


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