The Travel Blogging Update – 3

Lot’s has been happening here at that I thought I’d update you all on. It’s been an exciting few weeks, with lots of new opportunities arising. Some of which I’m excited to tell you about, and others I will have to keep quite for a little while longer!

Newsletter (it’s free!)

Some of you may have noticed on my site that you can now subscribe to my new travel newsletter. The first post came out yesterday, and will come out once every two weeks. I’m really excited about the newsletter as for me it’s a chance to connect with any readers of Runaway Jane in a more personal way than every before.

You can expect to get lots of travel tips, advice, deals, and insights before they go live on Some of which will be completely exclusive to the newsletter itself. That being said, I’ve decided not include any affiliate links into the newsletter (at least not right now), as aside from the fact conversion rates on newsletters are pretty low anyway, for me that’s not what a newsletter is about. I want it to be something more personal, form me to you, giving you lot’s of travel tips, advice, and also just updates on me, the site, and my future trips.

If you want to sign up you can do so in the box below. It’s completely free, and it only comes out once ever 2 weeks, so as not to clog your inbox.

New site – Living in a Hostel

You may have noticed in a previous post that I now have a new site at I’ll still be blogging about travel regularly here on Runaway Jane, but is something I’ve been looking to do for a while, but haven’t had the time until now.

If you’ve ever lived in or are going to be staying in a hostel at some point in your life, then you’ll find lots of hostel tips, reviews, advice, and insights all on the new site. I’ll also be sharing some of my hostel stories, both past, present, and future!

The header for the site was designed by Aly & John from, who have done a really good job if I say so myself. Feel free to pop over to the site, and check it out!

Featured Interview

I’m also really excited to announce my podcast interview with Craig Martin from the Indie Travel Podcast is now live! The interview was recorded during the summer, and is all about my forthcoming trip by land and sea around the world. It also talks a bit about my inspirations for travel, and when I first got bitten by the travel bug.

For those that don’t already know, Craig and Linda run a Lonely Planet award winning podcast all about travel. You can subscribe to it for free on iTunes. To find and listen to my interview you can click here.

Other features

In recent weeks and months I have also been featured in Sta Travel Buzz, the Dohop Blog, and was given a quick fire interview by Aaron from

TBEX Europe

You may also have heard that I will be attending this years TBEX Europe event in Copenhagen. I will be travelling green to this year’s event by bus and train from London via Amsterdam. If anyone would like to join me on the journey there feel free to get in touch. I can’t wait to put some faces to names from the travel blogging crowd on twitter the travel blog exchange itself!

My eBook

I also forgot to mention in my last update, that I now have an eBook out! It’s called the Independent Travel Resources, and was created with the aim of providing any backpacker or independent traveler with a specific collection of resources, for everything they need both pre and post departure.

For the time being I am selling the eBook at 3 GBP, however that will be going back up shortly so if you want to buy it now’s the best time.

There has been lot’s of other thing happening in the world of Runaway Jane, but for now this is all I can tell you! Be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed so you don’t miss out.

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