The Travel Blogging Update – 6

With now over 12 months old, I thought it would be a good time to update you all on what’s been going on with the site lately, tell you about some cool new developments that are on the horizon, and let you know about all my recent travels!

Earning a living from travel blogging

I’ve been very fortunate over the last 3 – 4 months that I am now earning enough money from and other travel related websites to fund my travels full-time. For those of you who may not already know, when I set up just over 12 months ago now, it was my one main ambition to be able to earn a living from travel blogging – therefore becoming location independent, and be able to travel continuously should I choose. Being able to achieve that goal after just 8 – 9 months of blogging has been a really big thing for me. Making a travel blog work takes a lot of time, effort, and learning on the job. There have been many times, especially during the first 6 months or so when advertising money was a little bit harder to come by, where I doubted myself on countless occasions. Being able to come out of the other side of that, and see that if I just stick at it I will make things work, has given me a huge boost these last 3 months, and I must admit I’m feeling happier than I’ve felt in a long time as a result of this.

Of course, I wouldn’t have been able to get to this point however if it wasn’t for all the people who have and continue to visit my site, as well as all the people who have shared my articles and content across the web! So for anyone who has visited or helped spread the word so far about, or any of my other travel websites, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support! This goes out especially to the travel blogging community. Also a big thank you to my parents who let me move back home for 9 months while I worked on this “blogging thing” that had no guarantees of actually making me any money (but thankfully does now!). 🙂

Jaunts around Europe

As I mentioned above, I now earning a full-time living from travel blogging. As a result of this, I have been travelling around Europe since the New Year began, taking in the cities of London, Paris, Munich, Budapest, Berlin, Brussels, Antwerp, and Dublin (where I am situated now as I write this post to you). I’ve loved every second of this trip. When you’ve been stuck in a house for 9 months trying to make a website work, being able to hit the road again can be a refreshing change. Although admittedly, after travelling Europe during the winter, I am now very much ready for the summer to come, and to continue travelling this continent without so much rain or snow!

Travel blogger meet ups and catch ups with old friends

On this most recent jaunt, I had the pleasure of meeting up with a few folk from the travel blogging community. The first was the awesome Benny from, who served me free JagerBombs for 2 of the nights I was in Berlin, and gave me the low down on where’s cool to go pubbin and clubbin in Berlin. Benny, for those of you who don’t know, travelled with his friend Harty over the Iron Ore train and through West Africa on his way down to the World Cup in South Africa. He is quite simply just an all round cool guy, and if you don’t think so then I’m sorry, but you suck! 🙂

The second member of the travel blogging community who I met up with on this recent trip was Colm Hanratty from Colm is the Editor for the Hostel World blog, and also takes care of a lot of the content post on their social networking profiles such as Twitter, and Facebook. Hostel World have over 60,000 facebook “likes”, 8000 twitter followers, and millions of visitors to their website every year. A large part of this in recent years has to be attributed to the way they engage with their customers online through their blog, podcasts, videos, and social networking profiles. It was therefore great to put a face to a name, and get some tips from Colm on various aspects of travel blogging, as well as being shown some cool local hangouts by a local in Dublin, and having a few ciders along the way!

Dublin was also a place for me to catch up with a few friends from my days in Aus. Four years on from when I stayed in the awesome Bam’bu Hostel in Perth, Australia, I met up with my hostel buddies Richie, and James. The former treating me to lunch at Google’s Head Office in Dublin where he works. I also stayed with yet another buddy from the same hostel, Donagh, in Brussels. Donagh let me stay at his flat in Brussels for a week, and kindly played host to me while I discovered the city for the first time. I was also fortunate again, to be able to stay with friends in Paris during this trip too, although this time not from my days in Australia. My friend Mathieu was kind enough to put me up in Paris while I spent some time in the city.

Being able to meet up/catch up with friends from both past travels and the travel blogging community has been a really good experience, and I plan on doing much more of it in the near future!

Video Blogging/Episodes

I’ve been humming and hawing about doing video blogs here on for some time now. It can be daunting at times to stand in front of a camera, when you have no prior experience in creating video content or presenting. As with anything involved in blogging, you sometimes just have to wing it, work hard, and learn as you go. I want to be able to create content on that appeals to a variety and broad range of people. So whether you prefer to read written content, listen to podcasts, or view video’s, I want to be able offer content that can reach anyone who comes across the site on some sort of level. I have therefore decided that’s it’s time for me to get over any lack of confidence I may have, and will start filming this time next week, with hopefully some content to show you soon after. So be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed if you haven’t already to keep up to date with any new video content on the site!

– As for me, and what beckons beyond this current trip. I plan to spend around 3 weeks back home recharging my batteries and seeing family & friends, before then going on to pastures new… I know I will have to pass through Europe to wherever I am going – most likely Central and South East Asia, as I travel only by land and sea, but as with this trip and those from previous months and years, I never book a ticket until a few weeks before, so for now the destination remains open. Only the when, not the where, has been decided.

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  1. Andrea Wren says:

    Hi Jane,

    Very inspiring to read about how you now earn a living from travel blogging enough to be location independent. That’s my intention also, and so I love to hear success stories.

    I’m only just in a position where I can fairly easily take off to travel (in that my son is now a young adult and no longer dependent on me) and so I plan to spend the next year or so building my travel blog and creating other sites.

    It’s really good that you stuck on in there and it gives me the encouragement to do the same.


  2. Congrats on your blogoversary! Great job. If you are ever in Scandinavia, give a shout!


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